Thursday, August 11, 2011


This morning came really early.  By shortly after 4:00 a.m., I was up and easing my back and neck while reclined in my livingroom chair, looking out onto the darkness that enveloped the view from my building.

Once my body could function enough to begin my stretching and cardio exercise, I was up and running.  Not literally, of course!

It is not a case that I can do all this workout at once, because I cannot.  Unfortunately, I am still limited to what and how much I can do, so I find I do my exercise in segments, with rest in between.

Later, I went to my friend's gym, to work out, doing more cardio and strength training.  But, before this, I had somewhere I had to be.

Today, I was scheduled for another early morning dental appointment, so off I went.  It was hard to believe that the dental office's waiting room was almost full to capacity, before 8:00 a.m., but it was!

I thought I was having two (2) more fillings replaced that had loosened and/or been lost after my fall about four (4) weeks ago when I injured my face, but to my surprise, I had misunderstood.  I had three (3) fillings done, today!  Plus one (1) on Tuesday, meant a total of four (4) fillings had to be replaced this week.

It is now evening, and my poor mouth and jaw is still hurting and the freezing has not quite gone, yet.  Hard to believe? 

Well, I had several needles to freeze the left side, on both the upper and lower parts of my mouth.  Unfortunately, the lower did not take, so I had to have a few more injections done in order to be frozen, properly.

My dentist commented that it was no problem, as I am allowed a couple more than what I actually received.  Be still my heart!  I was glad I didn't need the maximum!

Not only do I hate receiving injections, but I truly hate needles. 

It's a story for another time, but the main reason is because many years ago, I worked in the office for a manufacturer of needles.  A friend used to show me some of the rejects, under a microscope. 

Yuch!  Don't ever do this!  If you do, you may never again, ever want to have a needle enter your body for any reason!!

Until next time...

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