Saturday, August 20, 2011


Recently, you've read about Roadtrek vans.  In case you haven't read what I wrote, I will let you know they are class-B type vans, equipped as motorhomes, but licenced as a regular van, like my Grand Caravan.

The difference is how it is built and equipped.  While they use chassis built by various auto manufacturers, the company has a rather unique ability to outfit the vehicles they build with just about everything a person could want in a motorhome, without having to drive a bus-sized vehicle or the fuel expense of those larger RVs.

As I mentioned previously, owning one of these is certainly on my bucket-list, as my neighbour/friend K stated the other day.  Yes, Gordon and I had hoped to obtain one and do some travelling, both in N. America and in Europe. 

As you know, this dream never became reality, as Gordon died.

Well, off and on, I've thought about obtaining a Roadtrek.  Not really seeing any rush in the matter, I never seriously looked.  Just browsed.

However, I feel that God may be in the process of changing my life.  Only time will tell.  However, I am trusting Him to do so, and am believing that things are in fact changing.

As you know, I recently wrote a book, entitled Love Never Fails You... about overcoming life's trials and grief.  It will be available for purchase within a couple of weeks or so.

In addition, many of you may be aware that I have been asked to be one of several speakers, who will be speaking at a Celebrating Christ Conference in Wichita, Kansas, USA, in November.

What you may/may not be aware of, is the fact that the main organizer of this conference, has created a ministry organization called Hearts In Service (HIS) Ministries.  This true-blue Christian woman is a friend of mine; I met her on Facebook (FB), believe it or not.  Together, we led FB'sWoman's Bible Study Group in 2010 and grew to be good and trusted friends.

Well, in creating HIS Ministries, she needed to not only arrange this upcoming conference, but she needed to appoint officers to sit on the Board of Directors for the ministry.  I have been appointed one such officer.

In addition, plans are in the works to take this conference to other cities across USA and even Canada.

At first, I thought that I would just drive my van to the November conference, staying in hotels/motels along the way.  But, now that a tentative schedule will keep me busy across the southern USA throughout much of the winter, I am reconsidering having to travel this way.

I thought about flying to each location, still having to stay in various accommodations along the way, but the thought of all this made me feel uneasy.  Not to mention packing and unpacking over and over again.  The thought of never staying in my own bed for a lengthy period of time, especially with stories on the internet of accommodations with problems of bed bugs, didn't make me feel good.

Hence, the idea of obtaining a Roadtrek van once again arose in my mind.

There is more to be said about this, but I will need to continue this, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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