Friday, August 19, 2011

Time Will Tell...

For some reason, I was really bummed out, yesterday.  I can't understand it, but I was.

Even so, I relaxed somewhat by looking out at the moon, watching it glisten over the water, last evening.  What a beautiful and peaceful sight!  I felt truly blessed...

A few days ago, if you read recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, you'll know that I went to see and test drive a used Roadtrek.  You may recall that I took my neighbour/friend K with me to see this motorhome-style class-B van.

Every time I think of taking K with me, I laugh.  She reminded me so very much of how Gordon was.  It seems the mold wasn't broken after all!

Just as Gordon would have done, K continually told me how I need to purchase this van.  How it was perfect for me.  How it would assist me this coming winter and how it would be filling one of my bucket list desires.

All of this done, of course, in front of the salesman.

This whole scenario reminded me of what I've written about in the past, of how Gordon did this very same thing when we were in Morocco.  How he continually let me and the salesman know that he wanted that rug that is hung behind our recliner chairs.

It's a good thing I've had a lot of training in negotiating!  That's all I am going to say on that issue.  lol :)

K was so adamant about my need to purchase this motorhome-like van that she actually told me later that evening, that if I didn't call back and make an offer, she wouldn't talk to me.

My reply was that I supposed we probably wouldn't speak for a very long time, then.  Later, she changed her mind, after we discussed the issue further.

I explained that although I am not truly nervous about purchasing a vehicle with high mileage, because I've actually had a vehicle with about three (3) times as much mileage, my opinion was that the price the owner wanted for the vehicle was way too high.  Especially since I could get one in USA for about the same price, with one third (1/3) the mileage.

K was concerned they would sell the van to someone else.  Well, I realize this could happen, but if God means for that particular vehicle to be mine, it will happen; if not, it won't.

I assured K that in a couple of days, I would hear from the salesman.  Well, yesterday was the day.  The salesman called me. We discussed the issue and I let him know where I stand. 

He knows I like the vehicle, that I feel it is comfy for me, even though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some of the other Roadtrek's I've seen advertised have.  He also knows that compared to others, I believe the price is too high.All I could say to him was that I would reconsider if the price was lower, but for now, my answer was no. 

Time will tell if this situation will change, if the owner will reduce the price.  I am doing my part, negotiating. 

The rest is up to God.

Until next time...

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