Saturday, August 13, 2011


In yesterday's entry, I wrote about how I attended the Information Meeting at the Caboto Club, concerning the General Motors Canada (GM) lawsuit concerning the healthcare benefits for retirees who retired before 2009 and/or surviving spouses.

What I failed to mention is that I did go to a microphone and ask a question.  When the meeting ended, I decided I needed some clarification on something, from the person who was in charge of the event.

As I approached the person, I was one of several people lined up waiting to speak with the man.  The person in front of me, turned slightly and I almost had heart-failure!

Aloud, I said, "B!  I can't believe you are here!"

The man ahead of me was one of Gordon's friends from work.  They had worked together both in Windsor, and in London for nearly a couple of years, before returning to Windsor, once again.

Over the last year, B had a couple of surgeries, having both hips replaced.  The surprising part to me was that he was well enough to actually travel to Windsor, for he now lives in St. Thomas (just south of London), Ontario; a drive of about two (2) hours away!

We spoke for a few minutes and discussed the issue with another of the speakers, before going our own ways.  Before leaving, I reminded B that it was the first (1st) Friday of the month, meaning that it was time for Christian Singles' Cafe!

B is not a born-again Christian, but he had in the past attended once or twice, when he was in town.  Although B didn't commit to attending, I implored him to do so.

Before it was time to go to Tim Horton's (a coffee shop at our new location of Tecumseh Rd. E., next door to Red Lobster Restaurant) for Christian Singles' Cafe I saw my friend J, who wasn't attending with the rest of our group.

Eventually, I made it to meet with our group.  We had a group of about 14, if I remember correctly; it's hard to say, because I didn't write down everyone's name and we had a person or two (2) leave early.

Yes, B showed up, about an hour after our group met.  I believe B had a great time of fellowship with the group, for we shared quite a few laughs! 

For this, I am thankful, Lord!

Until next time...

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