Thursday, August 25, 2011

Strange Phenomenon...

Hopefully, you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, in which I introduced the fact that something strange and unusual happened to me.  You'll also be aware that I had questioned whether or not I was physically capable of maintaining a Roadtrek motorhome-type van.

Well, the evening that I began to feel incompetent, I gave this much thought.  I reflected upon the whole situation for a few hours.  Eventually, I came to a conclusion.  I decided I could not physically handle maintaining a vehicle such as the one on my bucket-list, no matter how much it was my heart's desire.

My heart sank.  I felt like another part of me had died.  Well, in essence, part of me had died; one of my dreams.

Just then, something occurred that had never happened to me before, ever.  In fact, I had only ever heard of these such things happening, in movies.  Usually, movies involving the occult.

All of a sudden, all the photos on a shelf of my wall unit flew off the shelf.  Behind these pics were stored at least 20 or more books.

I couldn't believe my eyes.  The photos didn't just fall, they literally flew off the shelf.

My first thought was what just happened?  My mind raced as I reflected upon the situation.

Had the building swayed?  No.  Had I felt any sort of tremor?  No.  Was there something out of place that might possibly have caused something like this to happen?  No. 

My one unanswered question was:  Did God do this?

Looking at my wall unit and the rest of my livingroom and kitchen, I realized nothing else was out of place.  Nothing.  Nothing even from the shelf above the one where the photos flew off of, was moved.

I went over to investigate further.  The photos hadn't just fallen, for they were a couple of feet away from the wall unit.  In fact, two (2) of my framed pics had come apart upon impact, so that I had to re-install the pics into their frames.  Yes, I was surprised that no glass had broken!

However, I must say that in addition to my photos and frames being all over the floor, I also found one more item.  A book.

One (1) book.  There was only one (1) book.  It was one that Gordon had bought for us, as a gift to me.

It's entitled:  Take Your RV to Europe, The LOW-COST Route to Long-Term Touring.

As you can imagine, I have more to say about this.  Please stay tuned!

Until next time...

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