Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Last night, I went to bed rather late.  Even though I was tired, I found I just couldn't sleep. 

So, I read my Bible until I found my eyelids feeling heavy.  Then, I turned off my lamp and drifted off into never-never-land!

Morning came early.  Too early.  So early in fact, that I reset my alarm for an hour later, because I just couldn't get up!

By the time I got up, eased my poor aching body and got ready for the day, there wasn't time for me to do the exercise I usually do at home, before going to the gym to work out with my personal trainer/friend M.  So, off I went to do my thing with M.

Afterwards, I almost went shopping, but was still so tired, I just couldn't make myself do it!  lol  I'll bet you never thought you'd hear that from a woman!  But, if you knew me, you'd know that I am truly not a shopper.  I only shop because I have to.

Arriving home, I began to do stuff I needed to do.  After all, I do work from home, as much as I can!

Late afternoon arrived.  My neighbour/friend K agreed to go with me to look at something I have been considering buying.  A Roadtrek van.

Don't know what a Roadtrek van is?  Well, it's a mini-type motorhome, but it is not licenced as a motorhome; it's licenced the same as my Grand Caravan, as a regular-type van, so it can be parked anywhere, without any parking restrictions, like a regular A or C type motorhome would have.

Here's a link to their site:  http://www.roadtrek.com/

If you're anything like me, you'll love what you see. 

In fact, had Gordon recovered, healed and not died, we probably would have bought one, because we agreed this was what we wanted to enable us to do some travelling, without having to get a measly few miles to the gallon.  These vans usually get between 16 - 22 miles per gallon, depending on whether city driving or highway driving is involved. 

Together, Gordon and I went on a tour of the manufacturing plant, in Kitchener, Ontario, a few months before he died.  My niece's husband works there, so it was an extra incentive to go see how they are made.  We got to visit family, too!

In any case, K and I went to see a Roadtrek.  A used vehicle.  It was the model I like best, being a Roadtrek 190 Popular.

Well, okay.  I also like the Roadtrek 200.  It is slightly longer than the 190, but is wider and would not be as easy to park in a regular parking lot, especially those newer ones, where the parking spaces are so tight that you feel like a sardine, even in a smaller vehicle!

The reason I like the Roadtrek 190 Popular, is because in the rear, the seating/sleeping arrangement makes either two (2) twin beds, or it can be made up into one (1) king-size bed.  Being alone, I like the idea of using one (1) bed as a couch to relax on, and using the other as my sleeping area. 

Of course, in any of the models, the front passenger seat swivels to face the living area.  Tables can be placed in front or in rear, or both, depending upon your needs.

The one we looked at today, was equipped with a toilet, shower, air-conditioner/heat pump that will cool or provide heat, a television plus digital receiver and dvd player, a microwave, sink, refrigerator/freezer, a two (2) burner stove and much more.

The only thing I didn't really like about it, was the mileage.  It had much higher mileage than I really want in a vehicle.

So, all in all, I feel I cannot rush into this.  Instead, I will think about it and pray about it.  Where God guides, He provides.

Until next time...

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