Monday, August 22, 2011

Real Love...

Before I forget again, I want to post this entry.  It is one I wrote in the past, but forgot to post!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy The Beatles music.  While checking out the karaoke version of The Beatles song Real Love (here's the Youtube link; it's lyrics aren't totally correct, but still, I was glad to have seen it!):

I noticed that at the bottom of the screen, there was something printed.  It reads:  Real love begins where nothing is expected.

Oops, after posting this entry, I went to play the above Youtube link, but it was no longer available; hopefully, it will return.  Just in case, I'm posting a link to another Youtube link:

Why was this important to me, when I read this?  Because, it reminded me that as a Christian, I don't expect anyone to love me, reach out to me, believe what I have to say, or convince anyone they need to have a personal experience with my Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I don't expect that anything I say to anyone will convince them of what God's Word, the Bible tells us.  I don't expect that I can have any impact on their beliefs. 

Because, the reality is, I am just a weak vessel.  To be used by God.  And, a tool to be used by the Holy Spirit.

Truly, I am just clay, being molded by God into the person He wants me to be.  Being conformed into the image of His Son, my Lord, Jesus Christ.

The only thing I can do is be true to God and His Word.  Tell the truth and shame the devil, Gordon's Mom used to say.

I want you, my friends, to know that whatever I write about on Life with Lynnie (LwL) regarding God, is not for my benefit, for there is truly no reason for me to do this, because there is no benefit to me.  I do not write about God and His Word, to puff myself up, to exalt myself, or to create an image that I am something I am not.

What I say, here on LwL and/or in real every day life, is meant only to honour God.  To bring glory to Him.

If you've read LwL from the beginning, you'll know that I have written that I have the heart of a missionary, even though I have not worked as a missionary, either here at home, or abroad.  While Gordon and I distributed tracts, spoke to people and gave out Bibles on each of our trips, holidays visiting other parts of the world, we did this not to make us look good.  We did this for God.  To be obedient to His calling.

Jesus said that if we love Him, we will do what He asks.  God commands glory.  He tells us that He is a jealous God.  That He wants us to put no other God's before Him.

So, when I post some upcoming entries talking about God and his Word, I want you to know that I am not doing this in an effort to cause a problem with anyone, to hurt anyone, to exalt myself or make claims that I am an expert. 

Rather, I will be doing so, to be loving to those I care about and to those who read LwL, and ultimately do exactly what Gordon's Mom always said.  Tell the truth and shame the devil.

Until next time...

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