Monday, August 8, 2011

A Measure of Healing...

Before I begin today's entry, I would like to wish my blogging friend George from The Adventures of Tioga & George, a hearty congratulations for having had over six million hits on his blog.  Here is a link where he posted about it:  Six Million

There is something else I've been meaning to tell you, but with being caught up in writing about sin, I realized I hadn't yet written about it.

Last Wednesday, I finally got to see my family physician!

If you recall, almost four (4) weeks ago, I was doing gardening work over at the house I own near the University.  As I was attempting to use a shovel, my knee that needs replacing gave out on me and I fell, face first onto the concrete sidewalk.

When I say face first, I mean truly face first.  In fact, my nose hit the cement before any other part of my body crashed down. 

I must admit, that even today, my face is still burning.  Oh, the scabs have dropped off my nose and face, the bump on my forehead has resolved itself, but there is still bruising on my leg and foot.

As you are probably aware, I went to a nearby walk-in clinic, where the physician had me x-rayed, to find out if I had any fractures on my face or nose.  At the time, the x-ray technician actually called me back in to take more pics, asking me how long it had been since I had all those pins and screws surgically implanted in my face.  I replied, since the mid 1980's.

The walk-in clinic physician had instructed me to wait until the following week to see my family doctor, to get the results of the x-rays, because the technician wasn't able to determine if I had any fractures; they were going to have a senior radiologist read the pics.

The trouble was, my physician wasn't available.  It took until last Wednesday, before I was able to see him; three (3) weeks, in all!

Praise God!  I thank Jesus that it was determined that I had no fractures that they could see.  I didn't relish the thought of having major surgery once again, and certainly didn't like the idea of having my jaw wired shut for another six (6) week period, either!

Still, I would like to know why my face is still burning and feeling like pins and needles. 

Oh well.  That's life.  I will continue believing that God is providing a measure of healing for me, because the truth is, I had no feeling in part of my face, as a result of the extensive surgery I had in the past.

Think this doesn't happen?  God does things and allows things in my life, to provide a measure of healing from time to time.

In fact, this fall did provide a measure of healing in one way. 

After suffering with shoulder problems, since the bus collision of almost 31 years ago, the fall actually seemed to put something back into place that must have needed fixing, because even though I have suffered with neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hand and finger pain once again, the pain is subsiding.

My shoulder feels more normal than it has in all those years, even if it is not truly 100%, yet.  In fact, after all this time, I am finally able to sleep with my arm down beside my body.  This was something I haven't been able to do, for in order to avoid extreme pain, I had to sleep all these years with my arm bent up towards my head.

So, all in all, even though I may never be totally healed and/or pain free, I am praising God and thanking Jesus, for the work done in my body.  In my opinion, this fall was meant to give me a measure of healing.

Until next time...

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