Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feel Wanted?!

A week ago Saturday (August 6th) morning, I slept in.  Believe it or not.  I could hardly believe it, myself!

While it was about 9:00 a.m. when I awoke, I felt as if I had slept for a week, because I hadn't set my alarm and just relied on my body to wake me.  Ahhh... it felt good!

As the day went on, it grew more and more humid.  Even so, I did some exercise, some work around my apartment and went to the pool for my pool exercise and to relax. 

Later, I wrapped a gift, wrote a card and prepared to go have dinner with a group of women.

We met at a restaurant that caters to mid-eastern cuisine.  It wasn't my choice, but I found the place without too much trouble.  No, I hadn't been there, before!

A couple of the women in attendance, I had met previously.  However, the women sitting nearest to me, I wasn't familiar with.  All the women in attendance seemed to know each other.  Except for me, that is.

Eventually, the two women I knew I was familiar with walked into the restaurant.

Together, in unison, we all yelled, "Surprise!  Happy Birthday!"

Our friend T's birthday was being celebrated.  T and my mutual friend J greeted everyone, exchanging comments and giving best wishes to the birthday girl (woman, I suppose I should say!).

After J said her hello's, she came to sit next to me.  I was glad! 

Even though I had seen J for a few minutes on a couple of recent occasions, it had been quite a while since we were able to actually sit, talk and visit.  It was so-o nice!

While I wasn't able to enjoy some salad that was served at the beginning of the meal, because it contained radishes, which I am allergic to, I did enjoy the rest of the meal.

We feasted on shrimp, chicken, beef/lamb, rice and pita (bread).

Of course, no birthday party would be complete without Birthday Cake!  Actually, it was an ice cream cake that we devoured!  Mmmm.... delicious!

T opened all her gifts, gave thanks to all and once again commented on how shocked she was that she was given a surprise Birthday Party!

It seemed to me that everyone enjoyed this party as much as I did!  I was thankful that it turned out well, too. 

Several of the women invited me to their church, to worship with them.  I assured them that I would certainly visit with them, even if I didn't come to worship there, on a more permanent basis.

It's always nice to feel wanted, isn't it?  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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