Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chicago Water Taxi!

If you've read recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries, you'll know that I had to fly somewhere in order to maintain my Delta Skymiles points for future use, when I am able to travel to Europe.

You'll also be aware that my friend J accompanied me to Chicago.  Our experience flying was okay, but upon arrival at O'Hare airport, things seemed to become rather frustrating, being delayed with problems relating to CTA and their one (1) day travel card, being taken on an extended road tour by a taxi driver, obtaining mosting incorrect info from people, and more that I haven't even discussed.

However, we finally made it to downtown Chicago!

As we exited the building where the train brought us to, we asked at least four (4) people for directions on where to go so we could catch the Water Taxi.  Each time, different responses.  So much for trusting people!

After much frustration on street level, having to go through an older building with staircases up and down a couple of times, due to the street being blocked off for construction, we finally found it!

Now, I must say, that as an experienced traveller, it doesn't really bother me to experience delays and such, but I think my heart was so broken over not having Gordon with me, that I just felt sick in my heart.

Not to mention, that this building we had to pass through with all the staircases and steep ramp, nearly killed my bad knee!

Upon arriving at the Madison St./Opera stop, we climbed down the (at least two (2)+ story) deep staircase, to the dock level.  We had just missed one of the ships and waited for another to take us down to the China Town area; it wasn't that we wanted to sightsee there, but we felt that this way we would see the whole route that the ships took, through downtown Chicago.

We waited, and waited, almost one and a quarter (1 1/4) hours.

By the time the ship arrived, we were burning up from sitting in the sun.  J began having problems with her feet, and I with my knees (all the stairs, etc.).

Even so, we enjoyed the Water Taxi ride.  Here are some pics:

Here's J on the Water Taxi!

Here's Chicago's Water Taxi exit for China Town!

Here's a rather unique parking garage!

Here's just one great view of Chicago!

When we finished our tour on the water, we once again had to climb those steep staircases, etc., in order to get out of the docking and construction areas.  By this time, we were worn out!  Not to mention that it was then late afternoon.

Thank you Lord, for helping us!

Well, at least J got her wish to do the Water Taxi thing!  Praise God for this!  As you can probably guess, there's more to be said about this adventure!

Until next time...

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