Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book! Meds! 23rd!

Please forgive me for making one last posting of interruption of the topic we were discussing.

Today was a unique day for me, to say the least.

This morning, I was up early.  I did my in apartment exercise, like a good 'girl'!  lol  Okay, while I laugh here, I'm not always laughing at 5:30 am, when I begin doing my stretch and cardio workout.

Afterwards, I got ready to leave home for my usual workout at my friend M's basement gym.  By the time I finish this workout, I am literally worn out!  Exhausted!  Today was no different.

Returning home, I had to rush to shower and get cleaned up, for I had a medical appointment with my physician who takes care of me for my diabetes (before having to work today, too!)

He was happy with my weight loss.  He was also happy knowing I've lost many inches and have been working out. 

The results of my EKG done today at his office, was good, as was the rest of my checkup.  Although the results of last week's bloodwork was okay, he wasn't all that thrilled.

My three (3) months sugar level reading was slightly up from my last checkup.

Over the majority of the last year, I had been able to control my sugar level through diet and exercise.  However, since it was slightly elevated, he really wanted me to begin taking Metformin, once again.  Yuch!  I don't like that stuff; I don't feel well, when I take it. 

In an effort to not have him drop me as a patient, I compromised on my position.  I could have left his office, knowing that I didn't have to take medication, if I really didn't want to.

However, my doctor explained that with my family history of complications from diabetes, he really wanted me to be taking something.  We agreed I would take Januvia.

Hmmm...  I had taken this medication as part of a test group, shortly after I was diagnosed.  At that time, the cost wasn't covered by the government, nor my drug plan.  It was very expensive, to say the least. 

It seemed to work well for me, but at the time I was also taking Metformin.  So, I really won't know if I have any side effects by taking it, alone. 

I can say, that while taking Januvia, my sugar level did reduce, well.  Hopefully, it will work this way for me, now that it is available for those requiring it.  Unlike before, when I could only take it for the trial period.

Today, was a memorable day for me in other ways.

One very personal thing occurred that I won't talk about today, except to say that this has never happened in the past!  And, I pray it never happens to me, again.  Unfortunately, this prevented me from working out in the pool this evening, as I usually do!

Then, came the best.  My book:  Love Never Fails You... is now available.  In fact, not only did I find out from my publisher that it was available today, but I received the copies I ordered, for my own use. 

In addition, I received the Youtube link to use for promotion.  Once I received it, I posted it on my site:  Lynnie Books:  http://www.lynniebooks.blogspot.com/

When I realized the date, I chuckled to myself.  Today is the 23rd of August.  If you only knew the number of memorable events in my life that occurred on the 23rd of various months!  I should have guessed that the number 23 would be involved somehow in this new development of my life.

It's truly amazing to me how God works!

Until next time...

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