Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stuck Inside!

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie entry you'll know that I wrote about being stuck outside, on Saturday evening, after we experienced a series of severe storms that travelled through our area that caused power outages in my area as well as other areas of Windsor.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had forgotten to write about this.  What reminded me?

Well, as I was preparing to leave my apartment Tuesday morning, something happened that I had not yet experienced living in this highrise building.  And, I've lived here almost five (5) years.

As I was about to walk out my door, the fire alarm rang!

Each unit has an audio box that screams extremely loudly.  And, it screamed in my ear for several minutes.  Since every unit is equipped the same way, I am sure most people's ears hurt the way mine did!

Knowing that most people living in this complex are seniors, many are up early.  Even so, I know of several who like to sleep in.  You can be sure, there was no sleeping in, Tuesday once the fire alarm went off!

I'm not sure what was worse:  the alarm screaming loud enough to wake the dead, or the realization that when the fire alarm is tripped, the elevators stop working.

As I mentioned yesterday, the idea of climbing the staircase up to the 17th floor is not my idea of fun.  Especially with a knee that needs surgical replacement.

The idea of walking down the same number of flights did nothing for me!  So, I made the decision to sit and wait it out. 

After it was determined that there was indeed no fire, the all clear was given and life became once again, back to normal.  I praised God and thanked Jesus that there was no fire and that no one was hurt.

It became apparent that a cable or telephone person was doing some work on their wires and accidentally tripped our fire system.  Is this unusual?  Not really.  When I had my store, before I sold it, the same thing happened to me, when work was being done on the building where my retail business was located.

In any case, I was glad to no longer be locked inside.  Out I went to work out, as I do daily Monday to Friday.

Until next time...

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