Saturday, July 23, 2011


In yesterday's entry, I wrote about having a busy day on Friday.  I also mentioned that I met my co-worker/friend C at my church parking lot.

We left my van at my church and drove together in C's car.  We crossed the bridge and entered Detroit, Michigan, USA in a relatively short time.

Anyone who has ever crossed the bridge, knows that as you exit the bridge onto land in USA, you are within a few blocks of Mexican Town area.  It literally took less than five (5) minutes from the time we paid our fee to the bridge for crossing, until we reached my favourite restaurant.  Mexican Town Restaurant!

There are many restaurants to choose from, covering an area of several blocks, on both sides of I-75 (the interstate highway that leads folks to Florida!).  However, none seem to compare to my favourite place!

The area was packed with vehicles!  In fact, we were lucky to have found a parking spot nearby; we managed to park in the last spot available in a lot across the street.

The restaurant was busy, but not as busy as I've seen it in the past, when I had been there with Gordon, during evening times.  It made me wonder where all the people were who parked nearby.  In any case, they weren't with us in the restaurant, so they could not have enjoyed as good a meal as we did!  lol

Of course, we brought home our left-overs.  Oops, I probably should have said that we brought home delectable delights for instant replays!  :-))  Yes, some of this I enjoyed for supper!

This is something I rarely do.  Cross the border, I mean.

Not only is it expensive, being the most costly fee payable at any bridge in the province of Ontario, but it can be somewhat of an inconvenience.  Of course, this depends upon how much traffic there is attempting to cross the bridge.

However, I must admit that I know people who cross into USA to go shopping.  This is not me, though.  No, I am not a prude who thinks I need to only shop Canadian, for the reality is that it's truly difficult to even find clothing, etc., made in Canada, even in our Windsor stores.

What I am is a firm believer that we, as consumers, need to support our own.  Let's face it.  If we don't support each other in Windsor, we won't have businesses to shop at, for every business needs sales to survive.

So, it is truly rare to see me cross the border to shop anywhere, unless I am returning from a vacation or something of the sort.

In any case, I was grateful that God provided for us, not just for the freedom we enjoy being able to have days like this, or with volume of traffic and time spent in the actual crossing, but also for keeping us safe, during our international lunch-time escapade.  Thank You, Lord!

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