Monday, July 25, 2011

A Pleasure...

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about worshipping with friends at their church.

When I went there, I went prepared.  No, I'm not referring to what I wrote about, yesterday.  When I had been invited, it had been explained to me that after the morning service, everyone stays and enjoys lunch, together.

What a nice thing to do!

So, when I went to my friend's church, I took with me something for dessert, to share with their church family.  And, what a family it is!

People were very friendly, even to me.  More importantly, as I watched the group, I noticed that they truly seem to like/love each other.  What a blessing it was to see this!  And, what a great time of fellowship this was!

After lunch, we all gathered once more in the sanctuary.

We sang more hymns.  The pastor spoke once again.  But, the best part of all, was that we enjoyed the Lord's supper, together.  Communion.  We took communion, together.

By the time I left there, I had spent about four (4) hours with this group of people, most of whom, I didn't know until yesterday.  Even so, it felt like just a short time, for time truly flew by.

It was such a pleasure to experience this.  Thank you, T & J.  I appreciate you inviting me.  You have a wonderful church family.  You are blessed...

After arriving home, I relaxed for a while.  Then, I went to the pool.

Of course, I exercised in the pool.  Actually, I was surprised the pool didn't have more people in it, but it was rather comfy just having a small number of people.

My neighbour/friend K, from across the hall from me, joined me in the pool.   What a welcome relief from the heat!

Later, when I got dinner ready, I shared with K.

We do this for each other, from time to time.  But, I'll miss doing this, once she moves to a different unit, in September.

Oh well, I'll just be thankful for now!  Thankful for the loving friends God has provided for me.

Until next time...

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