Tuesday, July 19, 2011


If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie entry, you'll know that when I left off, I had found out that the x-ray technician/radiologist could not tell if my nose was broken or if I had any fractures in my face. 

Extra pics were taken.  Then, the doctor let me know that I should wait several days before seeing my family doctor, because they were going to have a more senior radiologist was going to have to check over my x-rays.

That might sound strange to you.  But, it didn't surprise me a bit.

You see, after the bus collision I experienced in 1980, I suffered with many physical problems, including whiplash, headaches, pain down my arms (the worst being my right arm), pain in my hand and numbness that sometimes woke me up during the night.  And, more; but, I won't go into that, now. 

There were times when I felt like someone could cut off my hand without any anaesthesia, for I could not feel my hand at all.

After suffering for about three (3) years, and undergoing some medical treatment that actually contributed to making this problem worse, I visited a new dentist, because my children didn't care for the one they had seen, previously.  Since I hadn't seen one in a few years myself, I thought I would have a check-up and see for myself how this dentist was.

He looked into my my mouth for a few seconds.  Really; just a few seconds.

Then, he asked me if I had headaches.  I was absolutely floored that he asked me this, because I had complained to every doctor I had seen, including those I had to see who worked for Worker's Compensation Board.  No one ever believed I suffered in pain.

I replied that I did experience headaches.  He asked if I had been in a collision.  I let him know I had whiplash and wore a collar for about six (6) months.  Also, we discussed the further treatment I had, which seemed to make the pain worse.

Then, he told me that it didn't surprise him, for my jaw was crushed.

My jaw was so badly crushed, that I had to wear a splint for about a year to stretch my jaw open enough to be able to do surgery.  Then, I had the first (1st) of two (2) surgeries.  About sixteen months after the first surgery, I had the second (2nd) surgery. 

In between surgeries, I had braces installed.  Eventually, treatment finished; my braces were removed in 1989; nine (9) years after the collision. 

By the way, this was not a comprehensive explanation of my problem, pain, and remedies, but rather just a glimpse into what I endured.  My reason for telling you this?

Well, I often wondered if an x-ray would ever show a problem with my jaw or face.  Why?  Because I have four (4) screws and many, many, many pins holding my jaw together.

So, when I fell and required x-rays on my face and nose, I realized there would be a problem, especially when the x-ray technologist required more pics. 

My concern is this:  what if there is a problem?  What can/will be done to correct it?  Do I really want more surgery?  NO!  Absolutely, not!

Of course, I may not have a choice in the matter.  Time will tell.  I'll be finding out the answer, soon.

Until then, I just won't worry about the pain I am still feeling.  Not just in my nose, but also in my face.  I feel like it's burning, like it's on fire. 

Even so, I'll just trust God.  He's never let me down, yet.  He's always been there for me. 

Still, I truly appreciate prayer and will request that if you have been praying, that you continue to do so.  I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Blessings...

Until next time...

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