Saturday, July 16, 2011

Party Time!

I cannot believe how I have fallen behind in writing about last weekend!

Yesterday, I mentioned I got a couple of birthday gifts and cards ready to be given to friends.  Last Saturday afternoon, I went to visit my friends W & J at their home. 

It was party time!

J's birthday was within a few days and W's is coming up within a few weeks, so they decided to host an open house style Birthday Party!  For themselves! 

Well, actually, their adult children hosted it, but it was rather nice to have it held at their own home!  They didn't even have to go out!

Since the party was to be an open house style, I was shocked to see a whole kitchen full of food.  It awaited all who came in the door and called each person's name!  lol 

I'm sure no one left without partaking of the delicious delicacies.  My goodness.  I recall thinking, there goes my diet for the whole weekend!  :-))

Even so, it was worth it.  Not just because the food was fabulous, either. 

It was so-o nice being able to sit and relax, while visiting with others.  Some from our church.  Some from other churches.  Some I haven't seen in quite a while.

Conversation was unending.  Everyone catching up on what was happening in the lives of others.  It almost felt like a home-coming event!  Or, a family reunion.

Of course, I would have felt better had I not been a fifth (5th) wheel.  Please don't misunderstand.  I had a good time!

However, being once-again single isn't fun. 

Everywhere I go, couples permeate our gathering places.  No matter how hard I try, and no matter how well I fit in, I just feel like I don't belong.

It's not what I would call a humbling experience.  It's more like being dead to part of life.

In any case, I thank my friends and their family, who invited me.  I thank my God who loves me and provides for me, always.

And, I wish my friends W & J, each a very Happy Birthday!

Until next time...

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