Friday, July 8, 2011

Learning Curve!

Last night's sleep wasn't great.  I kept waking up; then, once awake, I had trouble going back to sleep.

This may have been due to the anticipation and stress I had been feeling.  After all, I was supposed to have submitted my book manuscript to the publisher, this past Tuesday and missed that deadline.

Even so, God helped me get through the day.  Up early, I prayed that He would help me through what I needed to do.  And, He did!

Knowing I was under pressure, I had trouble thinking straight the last couple of days, but by the grace of God, I managed.

Writing this book has been a much larger task and more work than I dreamed it would be.  Of course, now that I've done this once, it won't be such a daunting task if I elect to do this again.  Write another book, I mean.

I am not just referring to the heartbreaking task of revisiting parts of my life that are painful, although I had to do this.  But, also, I found it was a learning process, as there was much more involved than i had anticipated.

In addition to writing the manuscript itself and having it edited several times, there was much more work to do.  I was able to have a review done on my manuscript and the review was good, so I recieved a glowing endorsement from the writer/editor who reviewed my story.

Of course, learning how do grayscale photos was a learning curve for me!  Then, editing them for brightness and contrast.  I hope they'll be okay.  Well, if they are too dark or too light, I suppose I'll know better for the next time, because without experience in doing this, I had no way of knowing what I needed to do.

Oh, the system is a good one.  It's just that there is no one to really guide you, through the computerized setup.  Although I must say that those people I had to speak with several times today, were very patient and understanding with me.

All in all, I feel somewhat relieved, tonight.  Although there is still much work to do, regarding the front cover illustration, graphics and typesetting, etc.

Well, I know that even though I am walking a new mile in my shoes, God will continue to guide me.  Just as He promised He would!

Until next time...

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