Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blessings & a Small World!

Recently, I mentioned that my neighbour/friend K, from across the hall is moving to another unit in my building.  Yes, I will miss her.

Yes, this is costing her somewhat, in terms of funds and energy, in order to do this.  However, since she prefers the sunrise, rather than sunsets, and since she would like to be on the east side of our building, she feels it will be worth all the expense.

Of course, I will miss her.  Go ahead.  Laugh.

I know K will still be in the building, but it won't be the same having to get into an elevator to see each other, for now, we don't have to do this.  We just call each other, or knock on each other's door and hand over treats of all sorts. 

Quite often, neither of us is dressed for success, either!  Sometimes, we are in our nightgowns.  lol  We definitely won't be able to do this, once K moves!

K has truly been a blessing to me.  Before Gordon collapsed October 1, 2009, I had only met her once.

However, after she saw the ambulance attendants taking Gordon to the hospital, she reached out to me in Christian love.  K is a loving Catholic woman with a Christian heart.  She was trained as a chaplain, but is not currently working in that capacity.

God truly blessed me, when he placed K across the hall from me.  Especially since she is also a widow.  What I would have done without her support, when I needed it most, I truly don't know.

In any case, I am positive she'll be very happy living on the east side of the building, like I do.

On a lighter note, I must add that while I am losing K from our floor, I am gaining another K.  No, not in her unit, but in another nearby unit. 

Talk about strange!

Last December, when I attended my real estate board's Gala (no, they no longer call it our Christmas Party), I was seated at a table with about seven (7) other people.  Next to me was a woman whose husband T, sells real estate; not with me at my company, but for another broker.

This woman asked me where I lived; I explained to her.  She leaned over and whispered that she and her husband were moving into my building, too!  We e-mailed a couple of times after this.

Yup!  You probably guessed it.  This woman was K, the woman from my real estate board dinner celebration.  She and her husband T, are in the process of moving at the moment; of course, not into my friend K's unit, but the one next door to her.

Wow!  What a small world!

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