Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gordon...

I woke up today.  Not in heaven, but here on earth.  What a bummer!

There are days when I ask my Lord why?  Or, maybe I should say why not?

Even though I wasn't looking forward to today, it is after all, Sonday. My Lord's day.

So, up I got; early actually.  It felt like a chore getting ready to go to worship.  All week long, I had pondered the idea of not going to church, today.  But, I went; and was glad I did.

After all, no one is more important than God.  My Lord, Jesus Christ deserves to be honoured.

In case you aren't aware, I've been dreading the arrival of today.  The reality is that I'm not sure what is worse, the anticipation of this day, or the arrival itself. 

If Gordon, my husband, was still alive, today would have been his birthday.  It seems almost silly wishing him Happy Birthday.  After all, a birthday only really means something, when there is a person to celebrate it with.

Even so, I wish you Happy Birthday, Gordon.  You're spending it in heaven, with Jesus, instead of with me.  I pray you feel like every day is a special day, because you are with Him.

Here on earth there's no celebration.  No gifts.  No nothing.  Two (2) years ago today, was the last time Gordon and I celebrated his birthday; it proved to be the last birthday cake I baked for him.

Call it grief.  Call it mourning.  I really don't care what you call it.  It's painful.

After church, I went to the cemetary, to visit Gordon's grave.  I placed flowers there and on the grave of his mom and dad.  After all, not only did Gordon and I love them, but they gave birth to him.  I'm grateful for this.

After arranging the floral tributes, I sat by Gordon's grave for a while.  It's easier said than done, even if I do carry a lawn chair in my van.

Not only was it extremely hot, to be sitting in the open, unshaded area, but it was heartbreaking for me.

I sat there looking at the grave marker displaying Gordon's name and mine.  I couldn't help but cry, asking God when He will take me home.  Why has He left me here to suffer this horrid, evil world, alone?  It's easy to have those rather grief-filled thoughts while in mourning.

After regaining my composure, I headed off towards home. 

On my way, I recalled that Staples had some school supplies on sale, so I decided to make a stop to shop.  After all, I do have grandchildren that could use them, and I'm sure my daughter's appreciate the gesture.

While this gift wasn't meant for Gordon, I was glad I had done this, today.  Although not a birthday gift for him, it sort of represented a gift of love.  One I could celebrate on his sorrowful day.

Until next time...

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blessings & a Small World!

Recently, I mentioned that my neighbour/friend K, from across the hall is moving to another unit in my building.  Yes, I will miss her.

Yes, this is costing her somewhat, in terms of funds and energy, in order to do this.  However, since she prefers the sunrise, rather than sunsets, and since she would like to be on the east side of our building, she feels it will be worth all the expense.

Of course, I will miss her.  Go ahead.  Laugh.

I know K will still be in the building, but it won't be the same having to get into an elevator to see each other, for now, we don't have to do this.  We just call each other, or knock on each other's door and hand over treats of all sorts. 

Quite often, neither of us is dressed for success, either!  Sometimes, we are in our nightgowns.  lol  We definitely won't be able to do this, once K moves!

K has truly been a blessing to me.  Before Gordon collapsed October 1, 2009, I had only met her once.

However, after she saw the ambulance attendants taking Gordon to the hospital, she reached out to me in Christian love.  K is a loving Catholic woman with a Christian heart.  She was trained as a chaplain, but is not currently working in that capacity.

God truly blessed me, when he placed K across the hall from me.  Especially since she is also a widow.  What I would have done without her support, when I needed it most, I truly don't know.

In any case, I am positive she'll be very happy living on the east side of the building, like I do.

On a lighter note, I must add that while I am losing K from our floor, I am gaining another K.  No, not in her unit, but in another nearby unit. 

Talk about strange!

Last December, when I attended my real estate board's Gala (no, they no longer call it our Christmas Party), I was seated at a table with about seven (7) other people.  Next to me was a woman whose husband T, sells real estate; not with me at my company, but for another broker.

This woman asked me where I lived; I explained to her.  She leaned over and whispered that she and her husband were moving into my building, too!  We e-mailed a couple of times after this.

Yup!  You probably guessed it.  This woman was K, the woman from my real estate board dinner celebration.  She and her husband T, are in the process of moving at the moment; of course, not into my friend K's unit, but the one next door to her.

Wow!  What a small world!

Until next time...

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Friday, July 29, 2011


In yesterday's entry, I wrote about how God used Facebook's (FB's) chat to lift me up and encourage me, while providing a circumstance for me to encourage someone else.

Amazing, isn't it?!  How God works, I mean!

He knows our needs even before we do.  He knew I would be feeling rather low in spirit and provided someone for me to minister to.  With the end result being that while my FB friend was lifted up and encouraged, so was I.

God called us, His children, to do exactly that.  We are not supposed to be walking around sad-faced every day of our lives.

After all, what more could we ask, than to have received salvation, knowing that we won't be spending eternity in hell, with no chance of escape.

No, we truly do not have anything to be unhappy about.

Of course, we are not gods of any kind.  We are only human.  Yes, Jesus told us that He overcame the world and we can too, because we belong to Him.  I praise God and thank Jesus for this!

However, I am only human.  I am not 100% God; I am only 100% human.

This means that even though I am blessed in many ways, I am only human.  I experience times of happiness as well as times of sadness.  Good times and not-so-good times.  Just like any other human being.

God knew this, long before He created me...or you.

God also told us that this is why we all need a friend, so that when one is down, the other can pick their friend up; and vica-versa.  He knew that from time to time, we would all need a friend.

When we marry, we become one person, God's Word tells us.  The two shall become one!  Mark 10:8 tells us, "And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh."

When I married, this was truly what happened.  Gordon and I became one. 

Built into our marriage relationship, I had my friend who could lift me up, if I was down.  So did Gordon.  We had each other.

But, now is a different story.  I am alone, now that Gordon has died.  I no longer have the other half of me, with me, for me to lift up in his time of need, or for him to help me up, in mine.

Please don't misunderstand me.  I am grateful for a few good friends, that God has provided for me.  I don't have to say who you are.  You know who you are.  And, so does God. 

Thank you, to each one of you, friends.  May God bless you, always.

Until next time...

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Thursday, July 28, 2011


There are times when I wonder what God's plan is for my life.  Sometimes, I ask Him, just exactly what I am here for.

Sometimes, when I feel low in spirit, I wonder if I am just here to suffer, until He finally takes me home.  Then, there are other times, when I believe I know exactly why God has me here.

As I've mentioned in the past many times, I still pray each night that God will allow me to fall asleep quickly.  Continuing further, I also request that He not allow me to wake up here on earth the following morning, but rather, I ask that He allow me to wake up in heaven, instead.

I suppose you can tell (lol), that God has not granted my prayer in this regard.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be here writing daily entries in Life with Lynnie!

Last Saturday, was another very hot day.  We've had a heat wave that has taken a toll on me; in fact, it has continued all week!  I awoke feeling rather disappointed that I didn't awake in heaven.

Even so, it didn't take long for me to bounce back.

It's amazing to me how God works.  He knows our need even before we do.  And, He provides for us, always!

After being up a while, I went onto Facebook (FB), to update and do what I normally do.  In case you aren't aware, I am an administrator on FB pages and I do other work for God, there.  In addition to having fun, of course.

Well, in God's wisdom, He provided for me in a way that might seem strange for some, but not for me.

Almost immediately upon opening up FB, a friend chatted me up.  For anyone who is not familiar with FB or with that term, it means that a friend contacted me to chat.  No.  We didn't actually speak, hearing each other's voices. 

What happens is that we type to each other, in real time.  Meaning that my friend comments to me privately, then I respond by typing back.  Yes.  This is a private conversation or chat, where no one else can see it.

It only took a second or two to realize that my friend was rather down in the dumps.

Hmmm...  What did I do?  Well, firstly, I told my friend I would pray for them.  Then, I prayed.  In my mind, at first.  Later, I actually typed a prayer for this friend.

By the time we finished our chat session, it seemed my friend was feeling improved.  I praise God and thank Jesus for this!

I realize that whatever I said or did that made a difference to my friend, didn't come from me.  It came through me, from God.

There's more I need to say about this topic, but it will have to wait, until tomorrow.  Blessings, friends!

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Priviledge?!

Sleep!  I need sleep!  Help, Lord!

Oh dear, I should probably explain.  In yesterday's Life with Lynnie's (LwL) entry, I mentioned that I had only a couple of hours sleep the night before last.  The night my daughter called me about 2:00 a.m., telling me they were arriving back in Windsor, with my severely injured grandson.

As I mentioned, I never got back to sleep that night.  So, by last evening, I was not just tired, but I was wiped out, myself!

Just before 9:00 p.m., I decided I should head to bed early, especially since I have been getting up about 5:30 a.m. lately.  I could hardly stay awake; in fact, I was falling asleep.  So, off to bed I went!

Within minutes, my phone rang.  It wasn't a case where I could just ask the caller if I could return their call, for it was actually a business call, so I conversed with the person.

You probably guessed, that once the call was done, I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't!

It was close to 12:30 a.m. before I got to sleep, once again.  Yes, morning came early, because 5:30 a.m. came early!

Hopefully, I will be able to get to sleep much earlier, tonight.  I need to get caught up, somehow!

Just so you know, my grandson is still in great pain and is suffering with his injury.  If you're not aware of what happened to him, please read yesterday's entry.  His burn treatments and bandage changes at the hospital continued today and will continue for a while.

Thank you, to those who have prayed for my grandson.  I appreciate your prayer, more than you know.

However, I must ask you for prayer for someone else.  My co-worker/friend C began dialysis yesterday, had more today and will be on a 3-times per week basis at the hospital for dialysis.  Being diabetic isn't fun, especially when health deteriorates.  I would appreciate prayer for C, as well. 

Thank you, so very much, for your understanding and prayer.  May God bless you.

Hopefully, you won't mind me asking for prayer for others, from time to time.  As a child of Christ, I am not afraid to ask for what is needed.  After all, God told us that we receive not, because we ask not.  So, I ask!

If you are a child of Christ, I know you won't mind not only me asking, but you will also consider it a priviledge to pray for others, even if you don't know them in real life.

One thing for sure is, life is hard.  No matter how you cut it.  It's not easy and it's not simple.  No matter who you are or what your life's circumstances are.

Please know that I pray for you.  Not only do I pray for you, because you are reading LwL, but I pray for you, because you are important enough to me, to be considered my friends.  You are a true blessing to me.  After all, many of you are real-life friends!

Until next time...

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Getting to sleep about midnight, I thought I would have a short night's sleep.  I truly did not realize just how short it would be.

After all, many of you know that for quite a while now, I've had trouble sleeping at night.  Of course, the melatonin I have been taking seems to be helping, for I seem to be having a more restful sleep, lately.

In any case, last night's sleep was rather short.

My younger daughter P, texted me as she and her family were arriving in Windsor.  It was about 2:00 am, when I got the message.

So, after having had only two (2) hours of sleep, I was once again, awake!  Sleep never returned to me, again.  I was up for the day!

No matter how many calls I made, I couldn't reach her on her cell.  Eventually, I was glad to have caught up with her at her home.

The news she had for me was rather disturbing, at first. 

You see, her middle son, my grandson Z, had been injured while she and her family were away.  Just hearing her explain the situation made me cry.  Not for me, but for Z.

The poor little guy was riding a bike with some cousins in a rather hilly area.  Not being used to doing this type of terrain, it wasn't surprising to hear that something caused him to lose control of the bike; he crashed out. 

I praise God Z wasn't hit by a vehicle and/or didn't die during this episode.

After working today, I had time to drop by and see Z.  What a relief it was, just to see him, even if he was crying in pain.

Please pray for him. 

He's bandaged up on every arm and leg, his shoulder, back, etc.  Just about everywhere.  Plus he had four (4) stitches. 

Between gravel burn and road burn, he's had to have burn treatments at the hospital in the community where he was injured.  But, you know it's bad when they had to stop at hospitals to have burn treatments and bandages changed, even while being enroute home.  Soon, he will find out if he will need skin grafting.

His burn treatments will continue on like this, with visiting our local burn treatment centre at the hospital, for days to come, apparently.  Even so, I was grateful to be able to see him, hug him (as best I could without hurting him), pray for him and let him know that I, his grandma, loves him.

Thank you for prayer.  I appreciate this more than you know.  May God bless you, for this.

Until next time...

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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Pleasure...

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about worshipping with friends at their church.

When I went there, I went prepared.  No, I'm not referring to what I wrote about, yesterday.  When I had been invited, it had been explained to me that after the morning service, everyone stays and enjoys lunch, together.

What a nice thing to do!

So, when I went to my friend's church, I took with me something for dessert, to share with their church family.  And, what a family it is!

People were very friendly, even to me.  More importantly, as I watched the group, I noticed that they truly seem to like/love each other.  What a blessing it was to see this!  And, what a great time of fellowship this was!

After lunch, we all gathered once more in the sanctuary.

We sang more hymns.  The pastor spoke once again.  But, the best part of all, was that we enjoyed the Lord's supper, together.  Communion.  We took communion, together.

By the time I left there, I had spent about four (4) hours with this group of people, most of whom, I didn't know until yesterday.  Even so, it felt like just a short time, for time truly flew by.

It was such a pleasure to experience this.  Thank you, T & J.  I appreciate you inviting me.  You have a wonderful church family.  You are blessed...

After arriving home, I relaxed for a while.  Then, I went to the pool.

Of course, I exercised in the pool.  Actually, I was surprised the pool didn't have more people in it, but it was rather comfy just having a small number of people.

My neighbour/friend K, from across the hall from me, joined me in the pool.   What a welcome relief from the heat!

Later, when I got dinner ready, I shared with K.

We do this for each other, from time to time.  But, I'll miss doing this, once she moves to a different unit, in September.

Oh well, I'll just be thankful for now!  Thankful for the loving friends God has provided for me.

Until next time...

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be Prepared...

When I awoke today, it might as well have been next Sunday.  Even though today is my Lord's day, that is not what I am getting at.

What I am referring to, is the fact that next Sunday would have been my now deceased husband's birthday, had he lived.

Upon waking, I felt that old awful feeling returning, once again.  It's not really depression and it certainly isn't despair.  It's more of a sadness that overcomes me.  It's definitely grief.

Even so, friends of mine had made me promise to worship with them at their church, today.  So, instead of heading out to my own place of worship, I headed in a different direction.

For some reason, I never seem to arrive at church much ahead of the scheduled time for worship.  Today, was no different!  :(

Even so, I was glad I had made it, at all.  For as I mentioned, I had woken up feeling rather grief-filled, today.

It was a wonderful worship service, with much music.  Of course, anyone who knows me, knows that music is a part of me.  And, I love honouring my Lord, through music.

The sermon was absolutely just what the doctor ordered.  It took my focus off me and my sorrow and helped me place it, where I needed to place my heart and mind.  On Jesus!

The pastor spoke about how we Christians are waiting for Jesus to return.  After all, God's Word, the Bible, does teach us that He will return for His bride, the church.  Meaning those of us who are believing or trusting in Jesus for our salvation.

We need to be prepared.

Certainly, those who are unsaved from an eternity in hell, will not be prepared. 

However, even as Christians, we need to be prepared and not fall asleep waiting, as some did with Jesus, in the Garden of Gethsemane.  While the pastor didn't quote this verse, what came to my mind was the verse where we are told to look up, for our redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:28)!

Why do we need to be prepared?  Well, God's Word also tells us that those who are not delivered from the wrath of God by trusting in Jesus Christ for their salvation, will suffer the wrath of God.

Of course, those of us who belong to Christ, who know that we are saved by grace (alone), through faith (alone), in Christ (alone) [Ephesians 2:8] must still be ready and waiting for Christ's return. 

However, there are many who will not be ready, and will be left behind, to suffer here on earth, for God will pour out His wrath on those who are not saved.

So, what must a person do to be saved?  Believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ...and you will be saved (Acts 16:31)!

Please, don't take my word for it.  Read it for yourself.  Certainly you can read the Bible verses that I quoted herein this entry.  However, in my opinion, the best thing to do, is to read the New Testament portion of the Bible, for yourself.

For those who are not familiar, the Old Testament portion of the Bible, was written for the Israelites, a covenant for God's chosen people; prophecy was written here, with regards to the coming Messiah. 

The New Testament is the covenant God wrote for you and I, for all who live(d) upon the earth after the time Jesus came to earth the first time, as the mostly unrecognized prophesized Messiah.  Old Testament prophesy was fulfilled, when Jesus Christ died for the sin of the world, for the sin of all who will believe/trust on Him.

So, read for yourself the New Testament.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me.  May God bless you, and save you, if you are not saved, already.

Until next time...

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Saturday, July 23, 2011


In yesterday's entry, I wrote about having a busy day on Friday.  I also mentioned that I met my co-worker/friend C at my church parking lot.

We left my van at my church and drove together in C's car.  We crossed the bridge and entered Detroit, Michigan, USA in a relatively short time.

Anyone who has ever crossed the bridge, knows that as you exit the bridge onto land in USA, you are within a few blocks of Mexican Town area.  It literally took less than five (5) minutes from the time we paid our fee to the bridge for crossing, until we reached my favourite restaurant.  Mexican Town Restaurant!

There are many restaurants to choose from, covering an area of several blocks, on both sides of I-75 (the interstate highway that leads folks to Florida!).  However, none seem to compare to my favourite place!

The area was packed with vehicles!  In fact, we were lucky to have found a parking spot nearby; we managed to park in the last spot available in a lot across the street.

The restaurant was busy, but not as busy as I've seen it in the past, when I had been there with Gordon, during evening times.  It made me wonder where all the people were who parked nearby.  In any case, they weren't with us in the restaurant, so they could not have enjoyed as good a meal as we did!  lol

Of course, we brought home our left-overs.  Oops, I probably should have said that we brought home delectable delights for instant replays!  :-))  Yes, some of this I enjoyed for supper!

This is something I rarely do.  Cross the border, I mean.

Not only is it expensive, being the most costly fee payable at any bridge in the province of Ontario, but it can be somewhat of an inconvenience.  Of course, this depends upon how much traffic there is attempting to cross the bridge.

However, I must admit that I know people who cross into USA to go shopping.  This is not me, though.  No, I am not a prude who thinks I need to only shop Canadian, for the reality is that it's truly difficult to even find clothing, etc., made in Canada, even in our Windsor stores.

What I am is a firm believer that we, as consumers, need to support our own.  Let's face it.  If we don't support each other in Windsor, we won't have businesses to shop at, for every business needs sales to survive.

So, it is truly rare to see me cross the border to shop anywhere, unless I am returning from a vacation or something of the sort.

In any case, I was grateful that God provided for us, not just for the freedom we enjoy being able to have days like this, or with volume of traffic and time spent in the actual crossing, but also for keeping us safe, during our international lunch-time escapade.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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Friday, July 22, 2011


Boy, last night's sleep was short!  For some reason, I had trouble sleeping, again.  Of course, my alarm going off at 6:00 am, didn't make for a relaxing sleep in, either! 

This morning began with me easing my back/neck as I usually do.  Then, I managed to fit in some of the in-home exercise I have been doing. 

I've kind of felt I have to do this, especially since my personal trainer/friend who operates the gym I work out at, has closed the gym while she recovers from surgery.  Rightly so!  Yes, I've been praying for healing for M.  May God bless you, if you've been praying for M, too!

My chiropractic appointment was this morning, so off I went. 

After discussing where I am still hurting, Dr. G used his computerized equipment on my spine, as he usually does, to obtain a read out on where I needed adjusting.  Then, he adjusted me, in the areas of concern, with the same equipment. 

Yes, he treated my neck, shoulder and arm.

The funny thing was, he showed me the original reading and clicked to bring up another screen, showing me that the problem with the vertebrae that needed adjusting in my neck, affects my shoulder, arm and hand areas. 

Wow!  It never ceases to amaze me how chiropractic works.  In any case, I always feel improved after having my treatments. 

I'm grateful God brought this angel of mercy into my life to aid me with a measure of healing!  Thank You, Lord!

Afterwards, I did some running around I needed to do, stopping at various locations around town. 

I am amazed how God's timing is always perfect!  I managed to complete all on my agenda in time to meet my co-worker/friend C at my church parking lot.

Hmmm...  I wonder if you can guess why we met there?  If you've been a reader of Life with Lynnie for any length of time, you'll know that my church is usually where I meet with friends/co-workers if we are car-pooling across the river to Detroit.

Yup!  That's what we were doing!  But, I'll have to tell you about it, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today, I was up early.

As you are probably aware, it's been stiffling here, lately.  I've been grateful that it's usually cooler at night, because I really prefer sleeping with my window open, breathing fresh air!

Until last night, at least.  Instead of being cooler, it was still rather hot, last night.  Although, I must admit, God blessed me with a beautiful breeze last night.  Thank You, Lord!

In any case, when I arose this morning, it wasn't what I call refreshing.  Even so, I proceeded with my in apartment exercise routine.

By the time I completed my workout, I was cooked!  Well, okay.  I really wasn't cooked, but I felt like I had been in an oven.

My plans today included having lunch with a friend of mine, A.  A is also a widow, although I knew both she and her husband for many years, prior to his death.

We met at Pat & Hank's and enjoyed some wonderful fellowship time, as well as a great meal.  It's been quite a while since I've had halibut and I must admit, I think I had forgotten just how good it truly is.  Mmmm.... good!  Thank you A, for all the wonderful conversation we shared, today.  We need to do this more often!

Being female friends, I was sure thankful that we could hug each other and didn't need to shake hands.

That happened to me a couple days ago.  While meeting with clients that are becoming friends, to have some papers signed, I was surprised to see their pastor had arrived at their home before I did.  I hadn't been aware he would be there, otherwise I probably wouldn't have arranged to meet them at that time.

Explaining that I could return at a later time, I was not only welcomed into their home, they insisted I visit with them and their pastor.  I had met their pastor previously, when I attended the husband's baptism, recently.

Usually, when I shake hands with someone, I use a firm handshake.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't like wishy-washy handshakes, because they seem to me to be rather insincere.

Well, when their pastor gripped my hand, he used a firm handshake.  Maybe I should say, a more than firm one!

Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but since my fall last week, this was the first (1st) opportunity I had to actually shake someone's hand.  I knew I felt like I had whiplash once again, and was experiencing shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist, hand and finger pain, but I felt improved and didn't really think a handshake would bother me.

Wrong!  I nearly collapsed with the firm handshake I received from the pastor!

It was only after this, that I noticed that the side of my hand had an undertone of bruising.  Why it is taking so long for bruising to show up is beyond me.  But, it has.

In fact, only within the last couple of days had my neighbour/friend K commented how my knees were yellow, still.  Meaning they are bruised inside, even if there is no outward bruising.

Shocking?  It has been to me.  I'm just glad God is in control and is providing healing for me.  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!  Hallelujah!

Again, I sincerely thank you for prayer.  May God bless you as you continue to pray for me.  Please know that I pray for you, too.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Still Alive and Well!

If you've been reading Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries lately, you'll know that last week, I was told to see my doctor after a few days from when I fell and injured myself, allowing enough time for a senior radiologist technician to read my x-rays and notify my doctor the outcome.

My first thought was to see him Monday.  My second thought was:  no way!

There are pros and cons to this issue, but my family doctor, runs his practice like a walk-in clinic.  The office does not make appointments.

This can be good, for sure.  But, it also means that every Monday, his office is a zoo!  There was absolutely no way I was going to go see him, Monday.

Oh yes, I called the office.  I always do this, to ensure he's actually there, because there is nothing worse than taking the time to drive to his office, only to find out that he's not there, or he's overwhelmed with people.

Yes, he does close the office when he feels he wants to.  So, I'm sure you can see why I prefer to call.  Although, it doesn't always help.  In the past, I've experienced where I've called and been told to come in because he's there, travelled to his office, only to be told that he decided to leave for the day!

Well, good old Murphy (of Murphy's Law fame), is alive and well.  Actually, I am grateful that I receive treatment from my chiropractor and do not need to see my doctor too often!

Monday, I called...all day.  Busy, busy, busy.  No getting through!  I decided that I would wait until Tuesday, for sure.

So, yesterday, I called.  Once again, busy, busy, busy...was the line.  Even so, I made my way over to my doctor's office.

Arriving, I walked into an empty waiting room.  This room is shared with another doctor's office.  Even so, I've walked in like this before, and felt blessed to be able to not wait too long to see my physician.

Hmmm...  The only trouble was, there was no one working in my doctor's office.  The receptionist from the other physician's office let me know that my medical office staff and doctor won't be in until this coming Monday.

So much for trying to get results from my x-rays!  I'll try to contain my frustration!

Now, I know for sure that if anything is wrong with my face/nose, I will probably have to see a specialist, because by the time I get to find out, anything that may not be set right that needs resetting, may have to be done surgically, because it may have been healing incorrectly. 

I'll just continue praying that God is healing me.  Even, if bruises are still coming out all over my body!  And, I'll ask you for continued prayer.  Thank you.  May God bless you!

Until next time...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie entry, you'll know that when I left off, I had found out that the x-ray technician/radiologist could not tell if my nose was broken or if I had any fractures in my face. 

Extra pics were taken.  Then, the doctor let me know that I should wait several days before seeing my family doctor, because they were going to have a more senior radiologist was going to have to check over my x-rays.

That might sound strange to you.  But, it didn't surprise me a bit.

You see, after the bus collision I experienced in 1980, I suffered with many physical problems, including whiplash, headaches, pain down my arms (the worst being my right arm), pain in my hand and numbness that sometimes woke me up during the night.  And, more; but, I won't go into that, now. 

There were times when I felt like someone could cut off my hand without any anaesthesia, for I could not feel my hand at all.

After suffering for about three (3) years, and undergoing some medical treatment that actually contributed to making this problem worse, I visited a new dentist, because my children didn't care for the one they had seen, previously.  Since I hadn't seen one in a few years myself, I thought I would have a check-up and see for myself how this dentist was.

He looked into my my mouth for a few seconds.  Really; just a few seconds.

Then, he asked me if I had headaches.  I was absolutely floored that he asked me this, because I had complained to every doctor I had seen, including those I had to see who worked for Worker's Compensation Board.  No one ever believed I suffered in pain.

I replied that I did experience headaches.  He asked if I had been in a collision.  I let him know I had whiplash and wore a collar for about six (6) months.  Also, we discussed the further treatment I had, which seemed to make the pain worse.

Then, he told me that it didn't surprise him, for my jaw was crushed.

My jaw was so badly crushed, that I had to wear a splint for about a year to stretch my jaw open enough to be able to do surgery.  Then, I had the first (1st) of two (2) surgeries.  About sixteen months after the first surgery, I had the second (2nd) surgery. 

In between surgeries, I had braces installed.  Eventually, treatment finished; my braces were removed in 1989; nine (9) years after the collision. 

By the way, this was not a comprehensive explanation of my problem, pain, and remedies, but rather just a glimpse into what I endured.  My reason for telling you this?

Well, I often wondered if an x-ray would ever show a problem with my jaw or face.  Why?  Because I have four (4) screws and many, many, many pins holding my jaw together.

So, when I fell and required x-rays on my face and nose, I realized there would be a problem, especially when the x-ray technologist required more pics. 

My concern is this:  what if there is a problem?  What can/will be done to correct it?  Do I really want more surgery?  NO!  Absolutely, not!

Of course, I may not have a choice in the matter.  Time will tell.  I'll be finding out the answer, soon.

Until then, I just won't worry about the pain I am still feeling.  Not just in my nose, but also in my face.  I feel like it's burning, like it's on fire. 

Even so, I'll just trust God.  He's never let me down, yet.  He's always been there for me. 

Still, I truly appreciate prayer and will request that if you have been praying, that you continue to do so.  I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  Blessings...

Until next time...

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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Plan...

Lately, I have been sleeping well.  Is this due to having a heart that has been relieved?  Probably not.  I would think that it is mostly due to the pain medicine I have been taking.

As you know, if you've been reading Life with Lynnie lately, you'll know that I had a bad fall last Tuesday.

There was some gardening and cleaning out of weeds that needed to be done at the house I own over near the University of Windsor.  And, it was bothering me.  So, I made the decision to get up early last Tuesday and get it done.

By 6:30 a.m., I was there, working hard.  I realize I gave a brief synopsis of what happened, but now, I'm going to explain what happened in more detail.

Almost done the work, I got the spade and tried to dig out a plant.  At first, I stood holding the spade, wondering which foot I should use on the shovel.  This may seem silly to you, but you see, for several years, I've had a knee that needs replacing.

My reasoning was that since I could not really put pressure on the shovel with the foot of the leg with my bad knee, so I decided I needed to stand on that leg, instead.  That way, I could use my good leg/foot to put pressure on the shovel.

Due to what followed, I now know that I cannot use a shovel every again, ever.

Instead of being able to fulfil my chore, my bad leg's knee that I was standing on, gave out.  Down I went, twisting as I fell.

There was nothing I could do to stop this.  In fact, I never even felt panic.  No sound did I make.  I went down in silence.

Nose first, I hit the concrete sidewalk.  Believe me when I say, I spoke with God as I hit the cement.  My thought was great, now I'm going to have a broken nose and possibly a broken face, too!

Now, I must admit once again, I am not perfect.  The second thought I had I actually spoke aloud, but I cannot repeat it here, for it would be unbecoming for any Christian.  Yup, I'm sure you got the idea.  And, yes; I quickly confessed this to God and repented.

Laying between the houses that early in the day, I knew no one would come by to help me up.

My first attempt was a total failure.  In fact, at first I thought possibly I was paralysed, but I quickly realized from the amount of pain I experienced, I was not.

I laid there, talking with God, asking Him why He didn't take me home.

Look at it this way, once again, I could have died.  It was only later when the nose and facial pain was under control, that I realized that I also hit my head, and hurt my shoulder/arm, again. 

Even laying there, I realized that God must have a plan for me, still.  Otherwise, I wouldn't still be around.

In any case, after several attempts, with my nose bleeding, I managed to get myself up and on my feet.  I looked at the time. 

Being about 7:15 a.m., I knew the walk-in clinic with x-ray unit, wasn't yet open and I knew I did not want to go to the hospital, so I did what some people have told me was something they felt they couldn't have done.  I finished up.

Then, I went to the clinic.  As I knew I would, I had several x-rays done of my face and nose.  In fact, the x-ray radiologist/technician couldn't tell if my nose or face was broken.

Why?  Well, you'll have to read about it, tomorrow.  There's too much to say, today. 

Except, I would like to thank those who have prayed for me and ask for continued prayer.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today is Sonday, my Lord's day.  Even though I didn't really feel like going out, I got ready and left home, early this morning.

For some reason, this morning I thought back to last Sunday, before my knee gave out on me and became injured once again and thought of Gordon.  It had been the 21st month anniversary of his death and I had just laid low for the day, last Sunday.

Today, although my main focus is on my Lord, I had a few other things I absolutely had to do.  Like stop at my real estate office, to pick up some papers that were waiting there for me. 

Being near the cemetary, I visited Gordon's grave for a short time.  Then, I made my way to Windsor's west side, dropped something off to one of my daughters, before heading to check on the house.

Yes, it was a busy morning, but eventually, I made my way to church.  As usual, our worship service was wonderful.  I love worshipping my Lord!

My friend A and her husband K were surprised to see me at church, today.  After service, we chatted for a moment.  To be honest, I was surprised to be worshipping at church, too!

Another friend patted me on the shoulder as they were leaving the sanctuary.  I nearly crumbled and realized my body is still hurting, a lot! 

A brother-in-the-Lord made sure to tell me he and his wife are praying for me.  Wow!  I didn't realize anyone knew what happened to me, for I hadn't told anyone from church, until last evening, when my friend called me at home. 

Then it occurred to me that my friend A must have added me to the prayer chain after our conversation last evening.  She, her husband and family had just returned home from a summer vacation up north and she had called for a chat.

No, it wasn't just cabin fever that made me go out, today.  I am truly one of those people who refuse to give up.  I knew I had things I had to do, so pain or no pain, limitations or no limitations, I made myself just do what I needed to do.

I must admit though, my body felt like I should have just stayed home and rested!

Yesterday, after being out in the sun, relaxing in and by the pool, my facial scabs began to fall off.  By last evening, after I had my bedtime shower, almost all scabbing was gone.  Yes, there are still marks on my nose and face, but at least I didn't look like a drastically scraped up mess, as I had done for the last few days.

All in all, today has been a pretty good day.  I'm just worn out.  So, I'm going to rest and go down to the pool later, for a refreshing dip.

Until next time...

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Party Time!

I cannot believe how I have fallen behind in writing about last weekend!

Yesterday, I mentioned I got a couple of birthday gifts and cards ready to be given to friends.  Last Saturday afternoon, I went to visit my friends W & J at their home. 

It was party time!

J's birthday was within a few days and W's is coming up within a few weeks, so they decided to host an open house style Birthday Party!  For themselves! 

Well, actually, their adult children hosted it, but it was rather nice to have it held at their own home!  They didn't even have to go out!

Since the party was to be an open house style, I was shocked to see a whole kitchen full of food.  It awaited all who came in the door and called each person's name!  lol 

I'm sure no one left without partaking of the delicious delicacies.  My goodness.  I recall thinking, there goes my diet for the whole weekend!  :-))

Even so, it was worth it.  Not just because the food was fabulous, either. 

It was so-o nice being able to sit and relax, while visiting with others.  Some from our church.  Some from other churches.  Some I haven't seen in quite a while.

Conversation was unending.  Everyone catching up on what was happening in the lives of others.  It almost felt like a home-coming event!  Or, a family reunion.

Of course, I would have felt better had I not been a fifth (5th) wheel.  Please don't misunderstand.  I had a good time!

However, being once-again single isn't fun. 

Everywhere I go, couples permeate our gathering places.  No matter how hard I try, and no matter how well I fit in, I just feel like I don't belong.

It's not what I would call a humbling experience.  It's more like being dead to part of life.

In any case, I thank my friends and their family, who invited me.  I thank my God who loves me and provides for me, always.

And, I wish my friends W & J, each a very Happy Birthday!

Until next time...

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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Dream?

As I mentioned a few times recently, I've been feeling rather tired and worn out.  Not to mention hurting from the horrible fall I took on Tuesday, July 12th,  Orangemen's Day!

Forgive me all you readers who have affinity with Orangemen's Day, including my Irish family!  It's just with the pain I experienced, I forgot to wish everyone a very happy day.  Hopefully, it was a good day for you!

While watching Dateline last Friday evening, I just couldn't stay awake.  It didn't matter that many people were celebrating the beginning of the weekend, I found myself in bed, around 10:30 p.m., or thereabouts. 

The strange thing for me, is that due to back problems, I usually cannot lie in bed longer than about 7 hours.  Even so, I dragged my poor aching, tired body out of bed Saturday morning about 8:00 a.m.  Wow!  That I slept like a log was amazing, but that long?  Double wow!

Once I checked e-mail and updated on Facebook (FB), I wrapped a couple of birthday gifts, signing cards to go with the gifts.

Off I went to the library.  I had requested a book; for some reason, I thought it was waiting for me.  It must have been in a dream, for when I got there, I found I was still on the list, being the 2nd person waiting for it.

Still, I was able to return the book I had last borrowed, The Book Thief.  I know I briefly mentioned this book in another entry.  Even so, I must say once more, that it was a wonderful book.  If you ever get the chance to read it, don't let it pass you by.  Read it!

Actually, writing about this book has reminded me that I failed to mention that on Wednesday evening about 7:00 p.m., I met with fellow members of my book-reading club at a local coffee shop, Evolve.

Not all members were in attendance.  In all, there were about 10 of us, enjoying beverages and conversation relating to the book of the month, that we had read.  Well, this time, not everyone had read the book, for we had a new person join us.  In addition, a couple people had not yet finished the book. 

Yes, it is quite a large book to read.   The Book Thief, I mean.  But, if you are like me, you'll be able to get through it in no time.  It took me about three (3) days to read this thick goodie.  I just couldn't put it down.  Every spare moment, I found it in my hands.

We ended our meeting by deciding on a selection to read before our next gathering.  We'll be reading A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick.

Yes, this is the book that I thought awaited my picking up at the library, that I realized must have only happened in a dream.  It won't be long now; with only a person ahead of me, the dream should become reality fairly soon!

Until next time...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011


As I wrote in yesterday's Life with Lynnie  (LwL) entry, we are not in control.  God is.

In addition to being obedient to God's calling to preach a Gospel message to all the creatures of the earth and planting those seeds for Christ, by posting Christian entries on Facebook (FB), there is another reason I feel the need to do this.  Others need lifting up, encouragement and friendship in this dark world.

Okay.  You may not agree that this is a dark and dying world.  That's your prerogative.  You can think what you like.

Yes, God made this world a beautiful place.  Life should be good.  But, for some of His children, who are attacked by the evil one, life is one huge trial.

Laugh if you like.  The truth is, we live in Satan's domain.  God has allowed him dominion over the world.  There are many who don't belong to God, who belong to Satan, who don't even realize it.  I'm talking about all who do not trust in Jesus for their salvation.

Some people think they don't need God or Jesus.  But, they are wrong.  They just don't know it.

Meanwhile, those who are God's children are sometimes attacked over and over again, throughout their lives.  God told us we shouldn't be surprised at the fiery trials that we will experience in our lifetimes (1 Peter 4:12).  We will experience trials and tribulation.

The good news is that He also promised us that when we walk through the rivers, the water will not overflow us and when we walk through the fire, we won't be burned (Isaiah 43:2). 

God promised to always be there for us.  And, of course, He told us that two (2) was better than one (1), that when one was down, the other could lift them up (Ecclesiastes 4:9).

That's the final reason I will not give up posting Christian stuff on FB.  I cannot believe how many fellow Christians I have met, prayed for and continue to lift up both in prayer and in real life, encouraging them.

I believe that is one thing that every child of God needs to be doing.  Lifting up others, encouraging them...and being truthful and honest with them.  About what God told us to expect in life, and about what we believe we need to be doing, daily.

Just as I needed lifting up and being encouraged the other day, when my knee gave out on me.  That day, when I fell, possibly breaking my nose, but certainly bashing up my face, head, and body.

We all need each other.  Those who are not there for others, are not being obedient to God's calling.  May God bless those who are, for there are many out there, who need a kind word, a smile or a helping hand up in some situation they are facing.

God told us that we shall know them by their fruit (Matthew 7:16).  You'll be able to recognize a loving Christian heart, just by the way you are treated.

Do you have fruit of the spirit?  Hopefully, you do.  People can tell.  And, not just fellow believers.

Of course, I suppose you would have to know if you are saved, wouldn't you?  Because if you are not saved from an eternity in Hell, by trusting in the Saviour, our Lord, Jesus Christ, nothing else matters. 

So, my friends, if you are saved, I pray you exhibit fruit of the spirit.  If you are not yet saved, I pray you will trust in Jesus...before it's too late.

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


As I mentioned the day before yesterday, I questioned if I should make postings of a Christian nature, on Facebook (FB).  Especially since I have been confronted by people who are FB friends, claiming I make too many postings, especially Christian ones.

This never fell far from the front of my mind, for it is my nature to put God first in my life.  He had not always held that position, but He does now, and has, for many years.

Every time I thought about this issue and prayed about it, the response I received was always the same.  A Bible verse would come to my mind. 

You may be thinking it is the first of the ten (10) commandments God gave to the Israelites in the Old Testament, Exodus 20:3, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."  While this is a good verse to think of, it is not the one that had an impact on me.

Matthew 6:33, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

After a lifetime of being unloved, unwanted and suffering through trial after trial, for whatever reason, whether through my own poor choices, or because God the Potter was molding me, a broken and lifeless piece of clay, into the likeness of His son, I realize that God must come first in my life (did you love that run-on sentence?).  There is no other choice.  No other way.

You see, I have learned that God is truly in control of all things.  It is either His way or no way.

Oh, we can con ourselves into thinking we are in contol.  Isn't that what the world teaches?  Every secular article you read on self-improvement, talks about how we must not let others control us, that we must take control of our lives.

Well friend, hopefully, you haven't been led astray with thinking of this nature.  It's worldly and the Bible calls it, living in the flesh.

In the past, I've mentioned one of my favourite chapters in the Bible, Romans 8.  In verse 8, we read, "So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God."  Hmmm... see what I am saying?

We are not to walk or live in the flesh, because we cannot please God by doing this.  The only way to please God is to walk in the spirit, or another way of saying it, is to let the spirit guide us.  We must stop thinking we know best and are in control of our lives.  We must give up, cry uncle and allow God to lead our lives.

Why must we do this?  Because God said so.

So, for the easiest and least painful journey through this life, I must put God first in my life.  And, so must you, my friend.

After much thinking about posting Christian stuff on FB, I decided I would not put man before God.  I elected to continue on doing just as I had done in the past, and make Christian postings.  Consequently, my friend who had complained with regard to my posting a lot, especially Christian stuff, cancelled my friendship.  Oh well, that's life. 

Even so, there is another reason I do this.  Unfortunately, I cannot get into it today, so I'll address the issue, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Broken Nose?

In yesterday's entry, I ended by letting you know that I would continue on with what I had been discussing over the past days.  Tomorrow, I will carry on with what should have been posted, today.  Unfortunately, I feel the need to post something else, today.   Hey, who knows.  Maybe this will be a welcome relief to you!

Before I get into the topic of today's entry, I need to mention that I own a home on Windsor's west side; no, I don't live there, but I do spend time there.

Due to physical limitations, I try to not do any outdoor work there, or indeed anywhere.  After all, if you've been a reader or Life with Lynnie (LwL), or if you know me personally, you know that I am partially disabled.

I won't go into a lot of detail about my physical limitations, but I will say that for nine (9) years now, I have been putting off having knee-replacement surgery.

A few weeks ago, I asked someone I know to do some yard work at the house; this person has always offered in the past to do such work, so I was was quite happy asking them.  To date, it hasn't been done.  I realize the person is busy, but I also know I really need this work done. 

With all the recent rain, including a really bad storm we had yesterday, I decided that the ground would be soft.  Maybe I could go over to the house and make an attempt at doing this work needing to be done.

After all, even though I may never be completely healed from all the physical traumas I've suffered, I believe I am in the best shape physically, that I have been since suffering all the past injury to my body.

So, I set my alarm and was up early today, about 5:00 a.m.  I eased by back and neck as I usually do, by reclining in my chair, reading the morning paper and working on puzzles.

As sunrise began, I thought of Gordon and how he loved to watch the sunrise over the water.  I must admit it is a beautiful sight.

By the time I crossed town to arrive at the house, it was about 6:30 a.m.

I began working diligently, doing the necessary gardening and removing growth that should not have been there, piling it up in one heap that later I would bag up in yard waste bags.

Being almost finished what I set out to do, I was already praying my Lord would help me, for my body was aching beyond belief.  Then, one of the worst possible things happened.  My knee gave out on me, and my body fell.

Twisting as I fell, I went face down towards the sidewalk, which quickly rose up to meet my face.

Yes, I hit my head, but that is not what is hurting the worst.  My nose was crushed on the concrete.  Yes, it was bleeding, as I lay there unable to get up, at first.

After laying there for several minutes asking God for help to get me up off the ground, I finally felt like I had enough energy to make an attempt.  It actually took several attempts, before I was able to get up onto my feet, once again.

What did I do?  Well, being about 7:15 a.m., I knew the closeby walk-in clinic with an x-ray department was not yet opened and I realized I didn't want to go to the hospital, so I thought and prayed for a moment.

I realized that if I stopped what I was doing, I would not be in any physical condition to come back and finish up, for probably a week or two.  So, I did the only thing I could think of.  I finished working at what I was doing.

Once finished, I made my way to the clinic, saw the doctor, got an x-ray of my nose and jaw, because by that time, I was in excruciating pain all over, with the worst being my nose, face, knees, and neck.  Oh, I should probably add my wrists and ankles, too.  Oh heck!  Okay!  Even my back hurt.  Have I covered it all?  I hope so, because every joint and muscle in my body hurts.

I refused to cry.  Whenever tears welled in my eyes, I prayed and forced them to not proceed, because I knew that if I cried, I'd have to blow my nose. 

The x-ray technologist didn't think my nose was broken, but she wasn't sure, so she was going to have a senior techologist look at the films, later today.  The doctor gave me a prescription for something for pain and told me to see my family doctor in four or five (4 or 5) days, when I will find out for sure if my nose is broken, or not.  If I don't have two (2) black eyes soon, I'll be shocked!

On my way home, I stopped at my chiropractor's office.  What a blessing he is!  I was very thankful that he was able to fit me in, giving me adjustments to several parts of my body, and giving treatment even to my wrists.  I'll see him again, Friday.

The reason I decided to post this today, even though this entry would interfere with the subject I had been addressing, is because I truly need prayer.  I need prayer for healing. 

My face and nose is swollen, scraped and hopefully, nothing major is wrong with me, but I am in terrible pain.  Of course my nose and face hurt, but as I mentioned, ever part of my body hurts and those areas where I had previously suffered injury hurt the worst.

So, if you could find it in your heart to pray for me, I would appreciate it, more than you know.  May God bless you, friend...

Until next time...

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Monday, July 11, 2011

More Truth...

Yesterday, I wrote about truth.  About how it is surprising those you think will be there for you when you are going through a trial of life, aren't always.  Yet, sometimes there are people there for you, who barely know you.

In conclusion, I stated that there was another truth that I wanted to discuss, but it would have to wait until today.

Well, that truth is...partly, that we will all have trials in our lives.  Every one of us.

In God's Word, the Bible, we read that God tells us in 1 Peter 4:12-13, "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:  But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy."

God promised us that the sun will rise on the evil and on the good, that rain will fall on the just and on the unjust (Matthew 5:45).  Everyone, whether or not they believe on Jesus Christ, will suffer in this life.

Some people erroneously believe that people only suffer in this world, because of making poor past decisions in their lives.  While this can sometimes be true, this is not always the case.  Look in the Bible at the story of Job. 

God loved Job.  Just as He loves me.  And, He loves you.

If you are experiencing pain, sorrow, hardship or some kind of trial in life, please do not be afraid to speak up.  Ask for help.  Ask for prayer.  Ask for the loving arms of Jesus to wrap around you, lift you up and encourage you, through the trial.

As I mentioned yesterday, God told us we receive not, because we ask not.  So, ask.  Ask and you shall receive (Matthew 21:22).

When I first went on Facebook (FB), I did so because one of my daughters, some friends and my employer encouraged me to do so, claiming that everyone needs to be on FB.  I was actually shocked that within hours, I was reunited with childhood friends and a lost adult friend.  However, I was convinced I would be surprised if I had more than three (3) friends!

To my surprise, I began adding friends.  As I began making Christian postings, I began losing some real life friends, who just plain didn't want to hear about God.

I questioned whether I should post so much about God.  Well, there's more to be said about this, because it refers to more about truth.

Until next time...

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last night's sleep was rather short. 

As like other months, on the 9th day of the month, I feel a myriad of emotions, ranging from sadness, to grief, gratitude to God and relief.  But, mostly, I just recall the last day of my husband's life, the stress it was to me and the heartbreak it brought with it.

Then, close to 12:30 a.m., I usually post something on Gordon's Facebook (FB) wall, and on the wall of a FB group I made for him in his memory, as well as on my wall.  Why that time?  Because Gordon was pronounced dead at that time, on October 10th, 21 months ago.

I am sure some people don't feel I should do this.  That's too bad, if this is their feelings.

I too, have my feelings.  I recognize that God told us that we receive not, because we ask not.  And, I know myself well enough to know that I need loving support, especially now.

Anyone's who has been a reader of Life with Lynnie knows that I am not afraid to ask for what I need.  I ask it of God, He directs me and He provides...always.  Sometimes miraculously, sometimes through friends, family or acquaintances, but He always provides.

Why shouldn't He?  He promised us, His children, that He would always take care of us.  He said in Matthew 6, that He takes care of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field; and aren't we even more important than they!

In my heart, I know God will never leave me, nor forsake me, that He will be with me always, even 'til the end of the age.  He said so, in a few books of the Bible, like Hebrews and Deuteronomy.

I trust Him.  After all, God sent His only Son to earth, to make a way where there wasn't one, so that those of us who needed to be saved, could be saved.  He spared not His own save a wretched sinner, like me (Romans 8:32).  How could He not give me what He promised?

He never promised me a great life.  For sure, my life has not been a bed of roses, or a bowl of cherries, but He has always been with me.  Even through this trial of grief.

God has opened my eyes to His truth, not just through providing me with salvation, but also in my life, generally speaking.

He has shown me who loves me, cares for me, prays for me, is there for me in my times of need.  He has also shown me who isn't there for me.

It's rather shocking to realize that some of the people you thought would be there for you, haven't been.  Yet, sometimes virtual strangers who have become FB friends, are.  It's amazing, really.

Another truth has been revealed to me, though.  But, this will have to wait until tomorrow's entry.

Until next time...

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

If We Were All The Same...

Something happened Thursday that made me very happy!

Our pool opened, finally!  Usually, it opens around the long weekend in May, or at least by the beginning of June each year.  But, this year was different.

This year, we are having repairs done to the balconies.  Workers were blowing off the concrete dust, instead of vacuuming it up, at least until recently.  It was a given that the dust would go into the pool, and therefore would go through the pump and filter, clogging it up.

No one wanted that to happen!

So, we just waited until the workers made their way far enough away from the pool.  Then, once this happened, the City of Windsor had to come and inspect the pool and area, to give permission to open the pool for our use. 

Yay!!!  Thursday was the day!

Now, don't misunderstand me.  I did not go in the pool Thursday.  I was far too busy for that!  However, yesterday, I went into the pool for the first time this year!

Actually, I cringed getting in.  Our pool is a heated pool, but it was cold.  At first, I thought possibly that someone had forgotten to turn the heater on, but later, I overheard someone saying that the heater isn't functioning properly.

Hmmm... that makes sense!  Heater or not, with our hot temperatures this weekend, I am sure the water will warm up.

My poor body is aching, though.  Well, in addition to my regular exercise, I exercised in the pool. 

Believe it or not, it's easy for me to overdo it while in the pool, for I can work out much better in the pool, than anywhere else.  I can do things in the pool that I cannot do outside the pool.  Like situps and other stuff.  The only problem is that while I don't feel pain while working out on the water, I certainly feel it, later!

Okay.  So I am weird!  I admit it.  I'm very different.  But then, if we were all the same, life would be boring, don't you think?

Until next time...

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Need a Holiday?

Last night, I slept like a log!  I didn't want to wake up, this morning.  Consequently, I slept in, well at least until 7:45 a.m.  Late, for me!

Even so, I got my weary and aching body up, and began my day.  I did my exercise, like a good girl!

Running this race, I feel like I'm worn out.  Like I've had all I can take.  I need a break!

I mean this in a physical way, but there is more.  Maybe I need a holiday.

I believe it is possibly the stress of not just making deadlines that were looming, quickly.  But, I must say that having to write and read over and over what I had written, contributed to this feeling of being overwhelmed.

Then, with having to figure out how to use the new Blogger system last evening, with no way of instruction, nearly wore me out enough to exhaust me.  After all, I spent over two (2) hours, trying to get my entry posted.  In the end, the system posted it, not on July 7th as it should have, but early in the morning on July 8th.  Oh my...

Of course, knowing that as of July 1st, it's been a year since my brother Glenn died, it's been a reminder of loss.  And, then there's the grief of losing Gordon.

Daily, I must remind myself of Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

The evil one comes to destroy us, in any way he can.  If we let him.

The good news is we have an intercessor.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ intercedes for us with God the Father.

Then of course, there's the Holy Spirit, who also helps us.  Romans 8:26, "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

When I get feeling worn out, exhausted with life and it's trials, I look to my Lord, who provides me with everything I need.  Without Him, I can do nothing.

If you don't yet know Jesus, I pray you will come to Him.  Get to know Him.  Have a personal relationship with Him.  He alone is the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to God, except by Him. (John 14:6).  May you be blessed.

Until next time...

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Learning Curve!

Last night's sleep wasn't great.  I kept waking up; then, once awake, I had trouble going back to sleep.

This may have been due to the anticipation and stress I had been feeling.  After all, I was supposed to have submitted my book manuscript to the publisher, this past Tuesday and missed that deadline.

Even so, God helped me get through the day.  Up early, I prayed that He would help me through what I needed to do.  And, He did!

Knowing I was under pressure, I had trouble thinking straight the last couple of days, but by the grace of God, I managed.

Writing this book has been a much larger task and more work than I dreamed it would be.  Of course, now that I've done this once, it won't be such a daunting task if I elect to do this again.  Write another book, I mean.

I am not just referring to the heartbreaking task of revisiting parts of my life that are painful, although I had to do this.  But, also, I found it was a learning process, as there was much more involved than i had anticipated.

In addition to writing the manuscript itself and having it edited several times, there was much more work to do.  I was able to have a review done on my manuscript and the review was good, so I recieved a glowing endorsement from the writer/editor who reviewed my story.

Of course, learning how do grayscale photos was a learning curve for me!  Then, editing them for brightness and contrast.  I hope they'll be okay.  Well, if they are too dark or too light, I suppose I'll know better for the next time, because without experience in doing this, I had no way of knowing what I needed to do.

Oh, the system is a good one.  It's just that there is no one to really guide you, through the computerized setup.  Although I must say that those people I had to speak with several times today, were very patient and understanding with me.

All in all, I feel somewhat relieved, tonight.  Although there is still much work to do, regarding the front cover illustration, graphics and typesetting, etc.

Well, I know that even though I am walking a new mile in my shoes, God will continue to guide me.  Just as He promised He would!

Until next time...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stuck Inside!

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie entry you'll know that I wrote about being stuck outside, on Saturday evening, after we experienced a series of severe storms that travelled through our area that caused power outages in my area as well as other areas of Windsor.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had forgotten to write about this.  What reminded me?

Well, as I was preparing to leave my apartment Tuesday morning, something happened that I had not yet experienced living in this highrise building.  And, I've lived here almost five (5) years.

As I was about to walk out my door, the fire alarm rang!

Each unit has an audio box that screams extremely loudly.  And, it screamed in my ear for several minutes.  Since every unit is equipped the same way, I am sure most people's ears hurt the way mine did!

Knowing that most people living in this complex are seniors, many are up early.  Even so, I know of several who like to sleep in.  You can be sure, there was no sleeping in, Tuesday once the fire alarm went off!

I'm not sure what was worse:  the alarm screaming loud enough to wake the dead, or the realization that when the fire alarm is tripped, the elevators stop working.

As I mentioned yesterday, the idea of climbing the staircase up to the 17th floor is not my idea of fun.  Especially with a knee that needs surgical replacement.

The idea of walking down the same number of flights did nothing for me!  So, I made the decision to sit and wait it out. 

After it was determined that there was indeed no fire, the all clear was given and life became once again, back to normal.  I praised God and thanked Jesus that there was no fire and that no one was hurt.

It became apparent that a cable or telephone person was doing some work on their wires and accidentally tripped our fire system.  Is this unusual?  Not really.  When I had my store, before I sold it, the same thing happened to me, when work was being done on the building where my retail business was located.

In any case, I was glad to no longer be locked inside.  Out I went to work out, as I do daily Monday to Friday.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stuck Outside!

Today, I realized I forgot to tell you about something that happened on Saturday night.

If you read Saturday's Life with Lynnie's entry, you'll know that I spent the evening at J's home, enjoying dinner and fellowship time with my friends M & D, and J.

What I failed to mention was that we had a series of storms that blew through our area.  Severe storms.  Rain was intense.  High winds brought trees down throughout our entire region, not just on the east side of Windsor, where both J and I live.

While at J's, the series of storms came and went; they seemed to stop and start, again.  During the storms, J's lights flickered and her power wavered for a time.  Still, other than a momentary lapse of power, we experienced no lack of power, during the evening at J's.

How it was in other areas of Windsor we had no idea.  At least, until the next day.  While on my way to church Sunday, tree limbs were on the ground, everywhere and I found out that power outages had occurred in many parts of our area.

But, back to Saturday evening.  When we decided it seemed a storm had let up, we guests left J's home.  M & D drove to South Windsor, while I had only a short distance to drive to my apartment building, just a few minutes away.

As I approached my area, traffic lights were not working.  In fact, everything along the Riverside Dr. E. area in my neck-of-the-woods, was in darkness.

In total darkness, was the lighthouse, the marinas, yacht club and other high-rise buildings, nearby my own, which stood in total darkness, too.

Be still my heart!

While entering my level of the parking garage, I spoke for a second with the security guard.  She told me that she had no idea how long the power would be out.

Great, I thought!  Now, what will I do?

After sitting in my van, parked in my parking spot for a few minutes, I phoned my friend J and let her know that I would be returning to her home, shortly.  Then, off I drove into the darkness, to find a gas station where I could fill up my tank.

Does this sound silly to you?  Well, it wasn't to me! 

I recall several years ago, when unexpectedly, we had a power outage that lasted four (4) days!  No electricity for this amount of time, or indeed any amount of time, means no lights, air-conditioning, power for electrical equipment, and no ability to get gasoline, for the gas pumps are run electrically.

A few minutes drive from J's home, I found a gas station open whose power was not out.  I praised God as I filled my tank!

Then, I returned to J's home to make some calls.  Unfortunately, I couldn't reach Enwin Utilities, for even their emergency line wasn't working.  Nor was the City of Windsor's.  I couldn't even reach my building's security guard!

J suggested I stay with her for the night, but I politely refused.  Instead, on my way home, I prayed that God would make a way where there didn't seem to be one, for me.

I just couldn't imagine even making an attempt at climbing a darkened staircase, to the 17th floor, with a bad knee.  One that needs surgical replacement!  I felt frustrated, but certain God would provide.

My prayer included that God would allow my building to be the first one to have its power restored.

As I drove up another access to my area, I found myself once again in utter darkness.  Then, just as I rounded a curve, I saw my building.  Much to my surprise, there were a few units with light.

At first, I wondered if I was seeing candles lit, but this wasn't the case.  Indeed, God had answered my prayer and provided for me, so I could use one of the elevators to get home!  I was no longer stuck outside my home.

I praised God and thanked Jesus!

Just so you know, within less than a half hour, the buildings across the street also had their power restored.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Special Day!

After only having one and a half (1 1/2) hours sleep Saturday night, I was up for the day early, Sunday morning.

I realize God woke me up.  He put it on my heart a need to make an adjustment to my manuscript.  No matter how hard I tried to relax and return to sleep, it just didn't happen.  Eventually, I just got up in obedience and did what I knew I needed to do!

On my way to church, I stopped at the cemetary for a few moments.  I knew it wasn't possible for me to go after worship service, for reasons you'll read about shortly.

Being the first (1st) Sunday of the month, meant it was Communion Sunday!  As you know, I enjoy taking communion and on this day, I gratefully participated.

Afterwards, everyone made their way upstairs to our gymnasium, where we celebrated the recent marriage of our pastor. 

The happy couple greeted everyone who was not participating in actually cooking the BBQ food provided for us.  We saw a video display of pics from their wedding that took place in part of Ontario where our pastor's bride was from.

After celebrating, I stopped at my younger daughter's for a few minutes.  I congratulated a couple of my grandsons on their getting good marks and passing into the next grade!

Eventually, I arrived home.  Wanting to be wearing something more comfortable and more appropriate for a BBQ party on our deck, I quickly changed my clothing.

This event has become an annual one, here in my building.  It gives everyone a chance to get together and have some fun.

I participated in some of the events taking place, but the only game I won a prize at, was the darts/balloon game.  This didn't really surprise me, for last year I had the same result!

Last year, we were given a chance to sing karaoke.  When I sang last year, I didn't use music, for I didn't need it; I just sang.  Many people told me later that they enjoyed my music, so at least I have the consolation of knowing that it wasn't a case that we didn't have the opportunity to sing this year, due to my singing, last year!

This year, no one had the opportunity to sing.  This was rather disappointing to me, for I had hoped to do so, once again.

Instead, we had a musician entertain us.  The music was mainly country and western.  Some people did some line dancing, although I wasn't one of them.

All in all, it was a busy, but great day!  And, a much better than expected ending to a rather stressful weekend.

Until next time...

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's Leave It At That!

Yesterday proved to be quite an unusual day.

Not sleeping well Friday night, meant I was up early.  Oh well, even though I would have liked to have slept in, it just wasn't part of God's plan.

After reading the paper, and working on Facebook (FB) for a while, I proceeded to do what I needed to do.  Work on photos to accompany my book manuscript.

This may sound simple to some of you, but a photographer I am not.  Nor, am I a computer whiz.  As I have said in the past, I know a fair amount when it comes to computers, but a genius I am not!

In late afternoon, I sort of took a somewhat forced break, for I received several telephone calls and had to do some e-mailing. 

Then, it was time to get cleaned up, and dressed to go visit my friend J.  She had invited me, plus our friends M & D, for dinner.

If you've been a reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that usually three (3) or four (4) times per year, M & D usually meet with me and J, for dinner.  Last time was at my apartment.

When Gordon was alive, we were a foursome.  Instead of allowing our fairly regular dinner date to fall by the wayside, and since M & D...and in particular D, knew my good friend J fairly well, we changed our foursome to include J.

In any case, due to everyone being rather busy during the spring, our dinner date was rather delayed.  At least until yesterday.

As per normal, whoever hosts provides the salad, dessert and beverage.  In this case, it was J.  As per normal, whoever drives across town picks up the pizza at our favourite place, which is about half (1/2) way between us.  So, this was M & D's turn.

Together, we enjoyed a delicious meal!  Thank you M & D and J!  It was such a blessing to me, getting together once again. 

After dinner, we enjoyed fellowship time.  We chatted and played J's favourite game:  Phase 10!  Nope, J didn't win.  Actually, D, the only male in our group, won!

Well, I suppose we could say that we had to give him a break and let him win.  Otherwise, he may not have wanted to ever meet again, for dinner and Phase 10!  lol  But, in all fairness, I don't think we should do that, so we'll just say that D played well (lol) and won, fair and square! 

Yes, I think it might be good to just leave it at that!  :-))

Until next time...

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

An Elephant?

Yesterday, being July 1st was also important for another reason, other than what I wrote about in Life with Lynnie (LwL).  It was the first Friday of the month.

You know what that means!  Yup!  It was time for Christian Singles' Cafe (CSC).

If you've read LwL in the past, you'll know that a group of us Christian Singles meet at a Tim Horton's once a month.  For those who don't know what Tim Horton's is, it is a coffee shop.  I sometimes refer to it as Timmy's.

Actually, Timmy's is quite popular, not just here in Windsor, for this is a national company in Canada, with locations just about on every major street corner!  For those living in USA, be prepared!  Tim Horton's has begun to open locations and one day, there will probably be a coffee shop near you.  Hopefully, my American friends will come to love their coffee and other delectible products as much as we do, here in Canada.

lol  No, I'm not being paid to give a glowing ad for Tim Horton's!  Just so you know.  :-))

In any case, we met last evening at 7:30 p.m.  Not where we usually meet, though.  We met at a new location.  Well, it's not a new location for the company, but it was a new meeting place location, for us.

We met for the first time, here on Windsor's east side, on Tecumseh Road, next door to Red Lobster restaurant.  Being closer for me to drive, I found it was easy to get to.

Hopefully, everyone read their e-mail that had been sent to them, notifying of our new meeting place, but something tells me that possibly everyone had not.  Either that, or because it was a holiday weekend, possibly some people had other plans.

In any case, there were only 10 of us who met.

I left early.  Oh, it wasn't because I was upset over my personal issues of the day, for by the time evening arrived, I was feeling okay.

Actually, it had to do more with others who had a problem between them.

First, I must say that I will not get into what the actual problem was between some of the people.  However, I must say that it was rather stressful for most people who attended last night.

Not only did it feel like there was an elephant in the room that no one wanted to address, but there was such division between people generally speaking, that someone else actually left before I did.

Oh, I did my best to not get involved, not wanting to open up a can of worms while our group was meeting.

First, one friend involved sat beside me.  This person didn't have to discuss the issue, because we had already had a telephone conversation about the issue, so I was well versed in the problem.

Just as I stood up to leave about 8:30 p.m., the other person involved in the problem who had been seated at the opposite end of our table grouping, approached me, saying they needed to speak with me for a few moments.

We separated ourselves from the group and discussed the issue that seemed to divide our group.

I let this person know that I was probably the only person there who felt that the two of them needed to work things out, in a Biblical way.  We discussed for a short time, exactly what that meant.  We parted as friends.

Then, I returned to the rest of the group, saying good-bye to all my friends, before leaving. 

Driving home, I felt rather bad and frustrated.  Not just for myself, either; although, I must say that I had hoped to be lifted up by our monthly visit and was disappointed that I was home, just about 9:00 p.m.  Mostly, I felt badly for my friends, for not all seemed to be aware or care that Satan is having his way with them. 

After all, he comes to rob, kill and destroy.  And, it appears, he is winning.  At least, in this particular battle.  Hopefully, all realize that he cannot win the war.  After all, God is love.  And, we are called to love our neighbour as ourself (Mark 12:31).

Until next time...

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Friday, July 1, 2011

144... 21... 1...

Today, most people in Canada are celebrating.  Being July 1st, today is the 144th anniversary of Canada's confederation, of Canada becoming a country.  So, to my fellow Canadians, I wish you a very happy Canada Day

Parties, celebrations, BBQ's, fireworks, are only a few ways people celebrate Canada's birthday.  We used to call it Dominion Day, but a number of years ago the name was changed to Canada Day.

I'm not celebrating, today.

Awaking early, I made sure to go do my exercise first thing.  Being the first of the month, meant it was time for weighing in and measurement taking.  Hmmm..

If I hadn't been feeling low earlier this month, I probably would have lost more weight than I did, for I tend to overeat when upset.  That's why people call it comfort food, right? 

Even so, I was glad to see a change in the right direction on the scale's reading.  Even nicer was the number of inches I had lost again, this month.  Thank You, Lord.

Of course, no matter how good the results were with my personal trainer, the first of the month is always a trying time for me.  It was the day of the month 21 months ago, when Gordon collapsed and became hospitalized, before his death.  It is a constant reminder of the last time I ever heard his voice. 

Maybe if this hadn't happened on the first day of the month, it wouldn't be so hard on me; I can't really say, for sure.  It seems in my mind like it represents the first day of not just each month, but also the first day of the rest of my life, without him.

Of course, this year, this month, is even worse.

This is the first anniversary of another's death.  It was one (1) year ago, today when my brother Glenn, died.  I loved my brother and still do.  I miss him, very much...and feel I always will.

What surprised me was that as I went about my daily tasks, I felt a heaviness that just wouldn't leave.  Yet, no matter what, I just couldn't cry.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, grief is awful.

Pent up tears welled in my eyes, but just refused to leave the comfort of my glands.  At least that is how it was until I found time to finish up reading a book I had almost completed. 

As a member of a book reading club, who is meeting with fellow readers in a few days, I had hoped to be finished reading The Book Thief, written by Markus Zusak long before now.  Unfortunately, it took me a while to obtain a copy to read.  Just a few minutes ago, I managed to achieve my goal.

I would not like to tell you too much about this story, for you may not then be interested in reading this gem for yourself. 

However, I will say, that it served as a catalyst, reading about the pain, sorrow, relief and joy described by the author, in the final chapters.  It made me cry.

As tears streamed down my face, I felt every second of pain and sorrow relating to my loss of family; relating to my grief.

Believe it or not, this was a welcome relief.

Until next time...

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