Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's Always Tonight?

Last evening, I spent some time on Facebook (FB), as I normally do before heading to get some sleep.  Usually, I update and do some work for my Lord, plus chat with a friend or two (2).

Well, I did that, but I found I was absolutely worn out, exhausted beyond belief. 

I had been messaging with a friend, rather than chatting.  Our conversation was heartwarming.  He had just begun to tell me about how 17 people were saved during his trip to Kenya.  I was so happy, I almost wanted to cry!

The only feeling stronger than my excitement, was my need to get some sleep, so I asked my friend if we could continue our conversation another time.  Before he could respond, I went offline.

Hopefully, my friend doesn't think I was being rude.  Not only was my body totally aching, but I could hardly sit up, I was so-o tired!

In any case, I went to message him this morning and apologize.  Much to my surprise was a message from him, letting me know that his pumpkin disappeared at midnight!  lol 

While I hoped this meant he didn't take offense, I still messaged my apology.

Even so, it was about 12:30 a.m. when I fell into bed.  Yes, I mean I literally fell into bed! 

It felt like morning arrived early, but that truly wasn't the case.  It was more a case that I just plain needed more sleep!

Oh well, there's always tonight!  Well, that is if God wills it to be!

Until next time...

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