Monday, June 6, 2011

Still Friends!

For those of you who may be bored reading about the funeral of my friend Wanda, you'll be happy to know that I will not be writing about the funeral, again today.

However, I do have something I wish to discuss.  This conversation happened online, with a real-life friend who is also a Facebook (FB) friend.

Before I discuss our conversation, I would like to say that I truly love my friend, with all the Christian love I can muster.  I also know he feels the same way; I know he has Christian love for me, too.  Not only is this friend a friend with me, but was a good friend with my husband, Gordon.  We've known each other many years.

For many years, my friend spoke as if he knew and understood God's word.  He believes he is saved; I have no reason to doubt this.  Please understand, what I am about to discuss here has no bearing on whether or not my friend is saved, or not.  Anyone who knows God's Word, well enough to know that it only takes the faith of a mustard seed, would understand that my friend is probably saved.

As I've commented in the past, it is not for me to decide about others, regarding their salvation.  God alone knows who He will save, and who He will not save. 

Well, you may have guessed by now that the conversation I will be discussing has to do with exactly that.  Who God will save...and who He will not.

Are you following me?  We're not discussing salvation of any one (1) particular person, here.  Our discussion will be with regards to what God's Word, the Bible, teaches us.

During our conversation last week, I made a comment to my friend that I wish I knew for certain if my friend Wanda was saved, or not.  I wondered if her name had indeed been written in the Lamb's Book of Life. 

After all, with some people it is rather simple to determine this.  But, as I mentioned in Wanda's eulogy, it is difficult to get a grip on what a person is feeling, thinking or believing, when they are on certain medications.

My friend replied that she is in heaven.  He felt she was there, for sure.  Definitely.

I asked him why he believed this.  After all, he never met Wanda; nor did he know or understand her situation.  He let me know that he believes that everyone will go to heaven, no matter if they are believing in Jesus Christ for their salvation, or not.

Be still my heart!  Believe me when I say that I almost had heart failure!

I asked him where he would ever get this idea from.  My friend told me that he believes this because God is love.  In his opinion, God wouldn't send anyone to hell; ever.  Apparently, God wouldn't send anyone to hell, because He loves everyone.

Once again, my heart sank.  It was at this point where our discussion truly began.

Before I begin this discussion, I must say that it is too much for today's entry, so I will continue, tomorrow. 

Let me just say that I have been praying for my friend and indeed, for all who believe as he does.  And, yes.  We are still friends!

Until next time...

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