Saturday, June 4, 2011


Wow!  Did I sleep good last night!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!  I needed this, for sure!

Something has been bothering me, ever since attending my friend Wanda's funeral.  Something that some of you may not like hearing, but I am going to discuss this, anyway.

Please realize I am not pointing fingers at any one person, nor any one denomination, for that is not my intent.  Rather, I am bringing up a point that I feel needs to be made. 

If you ready yesterday's entry, you'll know that I mentioned that there was no minister in attendance at Wanda's funeral.  This is not the first time I've seen this.  In fact, this is the third (3rd) time I've seen this happen.

At each of the funerals the circumstances were somewhat the same.  All three (3) people had been disabled and were supported by disability pensions or other government pensions (like old-age pension):  Wanda's Mom Helen, who was paraplegic and wheelchair bound; my brother Glenn, who was a double amputee with other health problems and Wanda, who had emotional/mental problems.

What's wrong with this picture?  Do you see what I am getting at?  In every case, there was no minister leading the funeral service.

Why not?  Where were they?  Why wasn't there a minister, there?

Anyone who understands that those in the province of Ontario, in Canada, who are supported by disability pensions, understands that the government is trying to cut costs of burying or cremating the bodies of those who have died.  However, this doesn't mean that there shouldn't have been a minister there, to lead the service. 

Let's face it, in all three cases, there really, truly wasn't a minister-led service, at all.

When Wanda's Mom Helen was buried, there was no showing at the funeral home.  Helen who was no longer considered disabled, because she was over 65 and was considered to be on old age pension.  This made for some legalities that needed to be resolved.  Consequently, her body was kept at the hospital's storage facility for more than two (2) weeks, until a representative could legally sort out the mess of paperwork and get the arrangements for buriel made.

When it came to Helen's graveside service, there were a few people in attendance, who cared and/or loved her, including me, who sang to honour her and God.  But, there was no minister.

My brother Glenn, who died last July 1st, was not very different.  The funeral home allowed us to view Glenn's body for a short time, but not on the day of his buriel.  When it came to Glenn's buriel service, it was actually very nice, for a tent was set up and a funeral home representative led the booklet service

At Glenn's funeral, there were many relatives and friends in attendance.  If you read about Glenn's funeral service, you'll know that I sang and gave a eulogy for my brother.  In addition, several other people spoke about Glenn, also.  However, like Helen's case, there was no minister.

With Wanda's service, her circumstances were slightly different.  She will not be buried, but will be cremated; in fact, she is probably cremated, already.  Her ashes will be buried along with her Mom, Helen, at a later date.

However, as I mentioned, there was no minister in attendance. 

Where were they?  In each case, wasn't there a minister available?  Were they missing?  Or, is the reality such that in this day and age, ministers only lead funeral services if they are paid to do so?

What a thought!  It not only boggles my mind, but is very upsetting to me.  Since there is more to be said regarding this issue, I will have to continue this, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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