Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Long Distance...

Once again, I awoke only to feel totally worn out, before even rising from bed!

How can this be, Lord?  I must truly be wearing myself out, through the day.  I realize I have increased my exercise, but could this really be making me feel like this?  Only God knows!

I heard from my friend N, who lives in USA.  Anyone who has read Life with Lynnie (LwL) for a while will know that she's my friend that I met on Facebook (FB).  N and I, along with some other friends led the Women's Bible Study group last year.

N is also the woman who has responded to God's calling, to create a non-profit organization that will be sponsoring the upcoming conference in Wichita, Kansas, USA, in November, where I along with several other people will be speaking.

When we spoke the other day, N let me know she had returned to Kansas, after finishing up her work in California.  In addition, N updated me on how well things are coming together for the conference.  I must say, this takes a lot of organizing, but N feels that the support she has received from our group of people has assisted her in this quest to spread the gospel message and provide support for those who are hurting.

Tonight, my telephone rang with a long-distance call.  Once again, it was my friend N.  She wanted to let me know her friend Dolores had died.

Dolores had been sick for a while.  Her physicians thought she would live longer than she had.  Unfortunately, this happens all to often.

My heart broke for N.  After all, it's never easy losing someone close to you, someone you love.  It's always seems to happen that people try to comfort you by saying something like, at least they aren't suffering anymore, or they're with our Lord, if they are. 

What most people fail to recognize is the fact that grief is not about the person who died.  I've said it before and I'll say it, again.

Grief is about the person left behind in this world, who is suffering because of their loss.

Sometimes people think that grief only relates to death.  But, after being married, divorced, remarried and widowed, I feel confident to say, that loss is loss.  It makes no difference if the loss is due to death, divorce or loss of part of yourself, if you've been injured.  You will suffer grief, for pain is pain and loss is loss.

Life isn't easy, but God is good.  He helps me, daily in my grief.  He will help N, too.  How do I know?  Because we prayed about it, together.  And, God loves all His children.  Not just me or N, but you also, if you are trusting in Jesus for your salvation.

Until next time...

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