Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It Did My Heart Good!

Thinking about my cousin and her husband who visited me, from Montreal, brought back so many memories.  They flashed through my mind a mile a minute!

Yesterday, I mentioned that my cousin A had met her husband when she was 13.  Actually, we were both 13 at the time, for we and another cousin were all born the same year.  I'm happy to say that I'll never be as old as them, for I am the youngest!

After only knowing my family in Montreal for less than a year and a half (1 1/2 years), my parents moved us  to Clarkson, which today is known as part of Mississauga.  Even so, we returned to Montreal from time to time, to visit with relatives, especially my grandparents.

As I became old enough to travel on my own, I made my way to visit my cousin A and most often, stayed with her family.

On one occasion, I went to Expo '67.  I wasn't alone, for my cousin A was with me, as well as our other cousin who was born the same year, R.  I can recall fellas whistling at us and making advances towards us, but we never responded.

Sometimes, with her younger brother, A and I shopped or just hung around her area, nearby where our granny lived.  From time to time, we would go to her then boyfriend's home.  Yes, C is the fellow who became her husband.

At times, there were just the three (3) of us, listening to music, singing and dancing, but there were times when C's cousin R, joined us.  Usually, the four of us were together, if we left the house and toured downtown Montreal.

On one such occasion, I recall having the shock of my life.  We had gone to St. Catherine's Street, to go to a music store C and his cousin R wanted to shop at.

As we approached the store, a person walked right in front of me, literally cutting me off.  Be still my heart!  I almost ran into her.  Er, him.  Whatever!

I suppose you got the picture.  I can only imagine the look on my face, seeing a transvestite for the first time in my life!

In any case, it truly did my heart good spending time with them on Saturday.  I felt happy and blessed, just being together. 

They suggested that I fly to Montreal to visit them, sometime over the summer.

Knowing that I am working hard to have my book manuscript ready and sent for publishing by mid-July, I may consider doing just that.  By then, I'll probably need a holiday!

Until next time...

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