Monday, June 20, 2011

Is It Worth It?

Morning sure came early, today!  I would like to have enjoyed more than four (4) hours sleep.  Of course, I am grateful for being able to rest that long, without waking up!

For sure, when I climbed into bed, I was tired.  Even so, I had trouble drifting off to sleep.  I was not operating in a mode of relaxion.  Due to being keyed up, I am positive this was why the sand man didn't visit me, quickly.

You see, ever since my editor returned my manuscript to me last Thursday after making the first (1st) of three (3) edits, I have literally spent every spare moment making revisions.

Never having been the author of a published book, I knew it couldn't be easy work, but I have found this to be both physically and emotionally taxing.

Of course, it may depend somewhat on whether the story is fiction or non-fiction.  Since this is my first attempt at being a published author, I have found it to be very different than what I expected. 

Being non-fiction, the story line is near and dear to my heart.  This made it difficult to deal with the emotional pain that accompanied my writing the first (1st) draft.

However, it surprised me how much time I have had to physically spend at the computer. 

I am grateful that I can comfortably sit in my recliner chair and work on my laptop.  For, if I had to work seated in a regular chair, working on a desk-top computer, I don't think I would have been able to work as quickly as I did.

Physically speaking, even though I am able to work the most comfortably I can, my poor body is hurting.

When I see my chiropractor later this week, he'll be wondering what on earth I did to myself!  Meanwhile, I am trusting my Lord, to relieve me from my physical pain.  I'm glad I don't have to work like this, every day of my life, for I know I couldn't physically handle it.

Even though I am the most comfy I can be while working, 24 working hours of computer work is taxing, no matter how you cut it!  No, that wasn't a typo, I truly worked approximately an hour for each chapter and the introduction, doing revisions.

Hopefully, it will be worth all my pain and suffering.  If those who read what I have to say, feel they have been lifted up and/or encouraged, it will have been worth it.

Until next time...

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