Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sunday night, I thought I would sleep more soundly than I had for the previous few nights, but I didn't.  Consequently, I awoke tired Monday morning, once again.

Even so, I was up early.  I knew I had a busy day planned, but it turned out to be a roller-coaster kind of day.

Firstly, a relative of my personal trainer/friend called me, letting me know that the gym would be closed Monday and Tuesday, due to M not being well.  She's been experiencing health problems, so this wasn't truly a surprise to me. 

I just hope she feels improved, soon; for her sake.  If you would like to pray for M, I know she would appreciate it.  May God bless you.

Supposing that this would free up some of my day, I decided to do some exercise at home, since I have been physically able to do so, in moderation. 

In the middle of my exercising, my phone rang.  The caller was a worker/friend M of my friend Wanda's.  You may recall that last week, I sang and gave a eulogy at her funeral service.  M was sorry to let me know on short notice that Wanda's ashes were being buried, at 1:00 p.m. and she thought I would want to attend.

I prepared myself to once again sing at Wanda's interment service.  Truly, I wasn't looking forward to attending another ceremony, even if it was for my friend. 

After all, I feel like I've been overwhelmed with death and funeral services, lately.  Still, I wanted to once again honour my friend and of course, God.

Originally, it had been hoped to bury Wanda's ashes with her Mom, but it wasn't able to be done.  At least she is in the same cemetary. 

It was a rather private gathering of those closest to Wanda.  After my music, I led prayer.  Other people said a few words.  Her ashes were buried.  Knowing it was a lovely day, and a loving gathering, I am sure Wanda would have been happy.

Even though we didn't see each other as often as we would have liked to, we did speak by phone, regularly.  I certainly am glad we had some fellowship time, while enjoying lunch together, just six (6) days before she died.  Wanda will be missed.  At least, by me.

Until next time...

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