Tuesday, June 7, 2011


In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I admitted to you that I was shocked beyond belief with regards to a friend who let me know that he believes that everyone will go to heaven, no matter if they are believing in Jesus Christ for their salvation, or not.

In my friend's opinion, God wouldn't send anyone to hell; ever.  God wouldn't send anyone to hell, because He loves everyone.  How do I know this?  I know this, because he told me so.

Well, while this was shocking for me to actually have my friend say this in his message, it didn't really wasn't all that surprising that he believed this.  Over the years, I had wondered if my friend felt this way, because all we ever heard from him was remarks about God loving us.

It amazes me how people get ideas like this.  Especially people who believe they are saved and call themselves Christian. 

Why do I feel like this?  Well, in my opinion, anyone who is saved and who call themselves Christian, should really read, know and understand God's Word, the Bible.  He gave us His Word, so we could know truth.  God told us the truth will set us free (John 8:32)!

Please realize I am not pointing fingers at anyone in particular when I say that it breaks my heart to realize that there are many who do not even read the Bible.

Many have read it, but don't understand it.  Usually, if I ask people who comment this way, if they have ever attended Bible study, the most common reply is, 'no'.

I realize that as infant Christians, we don't alway see the need to read God's Word.  After all, as infant Christians, we are only beginning to recognize God's truth.

When I speak of infant Christians, I am not referring to babies in a human sense.  I am referring to those who have just come to Christ; those, who have not really had the opportunity to learn and grow from good Biblical teaching.

Since I have studied God's Word many years, I have become a more mature Christian.  Please realize that I am not claiming to know it all, for none of can or do know it all.  However, with good and solid teaching, I believe I have a firm grasp of what God teaches us in the Bible.

However, when it came to hearing the following statement from my friend, I knew that even though he has loved Jesus for many years, in my opinion, he is still at a knowledge level of an infant Christian.  That's only my opinion.  If you have read God's Word and have studied it, you'll probably agree with me.  When I read part of his message, I almost choked.

I must say that as per my normal behaviour when I am confronted with a situation like this one, I made sure my friend knew some of the Bible verses that tell us that Jesus alone is the way to heaven, that all who believe on Him, will be saved and spend eternity in heaven.  I won't restate the verses, for some of them I have written in recent LwL entries. 

My friend replied that he didn't think I had the right to say that if someone didn't accept Jesus while they were alive, that they would not go to the kingdom of heaven.  He continued on to say that if that is what I am truly saying, that if that's the way it is with the God he serves, he wouldn't want to serve Him.

Hopefully, you didn't have heart failure and die when you read this.  As I mentioned previously, there are many who do not understand God's Word, at all.  If my friend did have a good grasp of what the Bible teaches, I don't believe he would have made a statement such as this.

Even so, I pray for him.  In addition, I am asking you to pray for my friend, too.  May God bless you for this.

As you can imagine, there is more to be said about this.  I'll see you, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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