Friday, June 17, 2011

Guardian Angel!

Last night, I slept solidly for just over four (4) hours.

This time the short night, wasn't due to my inability to sleep.  On the contrary, I could probably have slept a full night, last night!

However, I got to bed quite late last night.  It was close to 2:00 a.m., before I crawled into bed.  Immediately, it was lights out, for me!

Thankfully, I wasn't up late due to my inability to sleep.  Rather, I was up working.  You see, yesterday, my editor returned my manuscript to me, after she had completed the first round of revisions.

My heart raced at the thought of having to practically re-write the whole book.  After all, it had taken quite a while for me to receive back my manuscript.  I was sure she must have thought I was a terrible writer.

I had to remind myself it was sinful to fear, even while opening up the programme to see what work I had in store for myself. 

Eventually, I mustered up the courage and opened the programme.

My first thought was that I can't do this!  It was probably because I have had no training in using this programme, but my first impression was that I didn't think I was capable of doing what I needed to do.

Trying to not panic, I called my editor and left a message.  Within a short time, we were able to connect.  Thankfully, she was very patient and understanding with me.  I praise God for this...and for her!

She was able to coach me over the phone, leading me through the steps I needed to learn to utilize the programme that would in the end, simplify the process for both of us. 

I'm thankful that with her living in L.A., she's behind me in time, for I knew she would still be in a work frame of mind and not yet home relaxing, or out shopping, or whatever.  As soon as I caught on, I was able to release my guardian angel from our telephone call.  I'm sure she was as happy as I was about this!

Thank You, Lord!  You made a way where there wasn't one, at least in my mind!

Until next time...

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