Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cow's Head?

Last night, I don't think I slept more than an hour or so.  For some reason, I just could not relax.  Even so, I had to make sure I was up early, for I had a meeting first thing this morning.

I'm sure you realize I am a realtor, who has been licensed to sell real estate since 1988.  Our guidelines have changed greatly over the years.  Now, we are expected to complete 24 credit hours of education, in order to renew our licences.

Well, today at the Holiday Inn Select, here in Windsor, I attended one course that provided three (3) credit hours.  Actually, there were quite a few realtors there, along with me. 

On the way, I picked up a co-worker/friend of mine, P.  We sat together and spoke with many people who we have come to know over the years. 

While some courses have proven themselves to be rather hard to sit through, this one was actually an interesting one.  I was glad I attended; so was P and other friends.

Even though we attended this course, I still had work to do.  So, after dropping off P at her home, I went on my way to do what I needed to do.

Once paperwork was done, I found I had time to drop by and see a friend of mine, who is a member of the injured worker's group I belong to.  I didn't visit at her home, but rather at her place of work; the same location where we hold our injured worker's meetings.

My friend is retiring, tomorrow.  After working for the Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers (OHCOW) for 20 years, she decided to bite the bullet and made the decision to retire. 

Her co-workers provided some light refreshments and a retirement cake for her.  In addition, she received some beautiful flowers.  However, the cutest things I felt she received were a retirement sash and a cow-head hat (representative of OHCOW)!  Yes, we shared a laugh over this!

L, as I wished you earlier today, I pray God will bless you as you enter a new phase of your life.  Luv ya!

Until next time...

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