Sunday, June 5, 2011

Correct This?

If you read yesterday's entry, you'll know that I wondered where the ministers are? 

As I discussed, it has become apparent to me after attending three (3) funerals of those who were disabled and not able to afford a complete funeral service, that it seemed no ministers officiated.  Please realize, I have not done a study about this.  I am only discussing this, because it was upsetting to me, to even think this was the case.

Much to my surprise, a Facebook (FB) minister friend of mine messaged me, this morning.  He had apparently read yesterday's entry of Life with Lynnie (LwL).  This alone was shocking!

My FB minister friend let me know that he does many funerals for people on social assistance.  He mentioned that he knows many ministers who do not let fees interfere with the decision to officiate at a funeral service.  Apparently, he has never met a minister who has declined a funeral over the issue of fees.

It actually did my heart good to hear this.  Firstly, because I am glad my FB minister friend has a heart for people, but also because I was really heartbroken at the thought that ministers in general are really only doing their job, in order to collect their fees.

I thank you FB friend.  You have somewhat restored my faith in ministers.

However, does this mean that all is good in the world concerning this issue?  Not in my opinion!

There is still something wrong with the current system.  Knowing that I am only one (1) person, yet I have experienced this heartbreaking occurrence repeatedly, tells me there is something missing.

I realize that each of the people who had no minister officiate at their funeral, each had government case workers, who handled their files and arranged for their bodies to be dealt with, either by burial or by cremation.  I also realize that our government wants to keep everything secular.  So, when this is done, where is the priority to have a Christian representative officiate at any ceremony?  There is none.

Okay.  Realizing the government is not going to make sure this is done, and realizing that the reason they don't automatically arrange for someone to officiate is because the government quite often tells families that they will not pay for someone to officiate, tells me that most families believe there is nothing that can be done about it.

This brings up another point.  Why aren't the funeral homes doing something to correct this situation? 

Think about this for a moment.  What if each funeral home not only had a list of ministers who were prepared to officiate at funerals for those who didn't belong with any particular church, where the ministers were selected on a rotary basis, but also had a list of ministers who were prepared to volunteer their time, if necessary.  Then, families or those government case workers would be able to ensure someone would officiate for those gatherings where a minister is now missing in action.

Think this is a strange idea?  Please, let me know what you think!

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