Sunday, June 26, 2011

Congratulations! & Greater Good...

It's our Lord's Day, Sonday!  As per normal, I went to church to worship, but things were a little different than normal.

Today, was the first day in over three (3) weeks, that we had our pastor preach.  It was certainly nice having our guest preacher, but there's just something 'homey' about having your own pastor return.

In fact, it was a rather special day for another reason.  You see, our pastor and his wife, just returned from their honeymoon.  So, this was the first time we actually saw Mr. & Mrs. pastor!

As I left the sanctuary, I tried to wish the happy couple a sincere congratulations!  Our pastor was busy talking with someone, so I didn't get to congratulate him, but I was able to welcome and congratulate his wife!

I was glad I had gone to the cemetary to visit Gordon's grave, before attending our worship service, and not afterwards.  It would have made the feeling of loss, even worse.

Some people think it is silly, that those of us who experience these feelings are just carrying on.  That we just don't want to shake off the heartbreak, pull up our socks, and carry on.

But, in my opinion, this is not the case.  The truth is, these feelings are real and true. 

In fact, after writing about the heartbreak I experienced on Thursday evening at the Union's BBQ and party, a real-life friend (as opposed to a cyber-life, online-friend) of mine, who I have known for over 20 years, posted a remark on my Facebook (FB) wall.

A remarked that she had gone to a local restaurant, here in Windsor, and had experienced the same type of feelings I had.  She commented that she looked around, saw that she was the only person there, who wasn't a couple, in her age group.  She let me know that she felt just the same as I had, and had cried all the way home.

It truly is not funny.  Experiencing pain like this isn't easy.  If A or others are like me, they might wonder how they can go on.

God makes a way, though.  We don't have a choice in the matter.  God determines every detail of when and how our lives will end, or if they will continue.

He knows our suffering.  He allows us, His children, to suffer this way, for He has a purpose in it, for not just our own greater good, but also at times, for the good of others.

I believe that is why God has allowed me the grace, to be able to write about the pain, suffering and sorrow I have experienced.  This may even be why He hasn't taken me home, yet.

My prayer is that somehow, somewhere, someone is helped by what I write.  Whether they feel encouraged or relieved that they are not alone, but are experiencing the same as me and/or others, is something only readers know.  Unless of course, they let me know.

Until next time...

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