Sunday, May 8, 2011

Unusual! Miraculous! & Happy Mother's Day!

If you read yesterday's entry, you'll know that on Friday, I had a very rushed day and evening, with ne-er a minute to spare!

You'll also know that I was in the process of leaving my friend A's home, where I had just enjoyed a time of fun, food and fellowship.  Friday evening was time for Christian Singles' Cafe (CSC) at Tim Horton's.

As I mentioned yesterday, my friend J, who we call B, was going to be in attendance at CSC, for the first time in several months, due to him moving out west.

What I hadn't mentioned previously, was the fact that I had to be with my CSC friends for another reason.  My eldest daughter B, was going to be in attendance, also.

I know.  Laugh if you like.  Can you imagine attending a singles' group event with your Mother?!  Well, she was going to be there.

You see, just as our visiting friend B had left Windsor, I had contacted him to let him know my daughter B had moved back to our Windsor area.  Since she really didn't have any Christian friends, I thought possibly he, being only a few years older than her, might introduce her to some of his friends. 

The trouble was, he was leaving town!  I jokingly thanked him!  He asked if she was on Facebook (FB); I replied she was.  So, he suggested they become FB friends.  They did.

Since then, they chat regularly.  Both B's wanted to meet each other in person at CSC.  My daughter didn't really want to attend without me, so how could I not attend?  I had now two (2) reasons I absolutely had to be there!

In any case, I made my way from A's to Timmy's.  On my way, an unusual thing happened.  I thought I had seen everything, as a driver; I could tell stories that would curl your hair!  Especially, after driving a bus!  But, something happened to me I had never before experienced.

While stopped at a traffic light, I felt like someone was looking at me.  I turned my head to look at the car next to me in the curb lane.  The fellow (yes, A...he was a man!) smiled and blew me a kiss.  Twice, within a second or two.  The light changed and I drove away, not looking over at the driver, again. 

If I don't laugh, I'll cry.  After all, I find at times that life is a cruel joke.  No, I won't discuss why, here and now.

At CSC, I found my daughter enjoying coffee with my Christian friends, including B.

We had a wonderful time, together.  Of course, people in attendance teased about my daughter being there with her Mom!

Something else really unusual happened to me while there at Timmy's

My friend L and her husband never had children and her Mom has passed away, so she doesn't celebrate Mother's Day.  Even so, this loving friend, who had became a widow a few months ago, had brought me a gift.  For me, for Mother's Day.  Why L did this, I have no idea.  Still, I appreciate her loving gesture.  Thank you, L!  May God bless you for having such a loving heart.

Mother's Day is hard for me.  My Mom's dead.  Gordon's Mom is dead.  In the past, there hasn't been much of a celebration.

God provided a miracle for me, today.  For the first (1st) time in many, many, many, many, many, many (I could go on, but I won't!) years, both my children and my grandchildren spent time with me, celebrating Mother's Day.  What an unexpected blessing!  It's almost overwhelming; I think I might cry, happy tears.  I praise God and thank Jesus! 

Before I leave for today, I'd like to take this time to wish all my friends and family who are Mothers or who have Mothers, a very Happy Mother's Day!