Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Travel Possibility?

Last night, once again I had trouble sleeping.  Consequently, I was up half the night, again.

There was nothing of any importance on my mind, other than the usual stuff that just rolls around in this somewhat stressed head of mine.  I cannot wait, until the Lord has cleared out all the stuff that shouldn't be there.

Being up late, it always boggles my mind trying to come up with ideas of how to relax enough to be able to get to sleep.  So, I did the usual.  I read a bit, watched some television and decided to go on-line.

Facebook (FB) is always an easy alternative to doing other stuff, for there is always someone on-line, especially when friends live all over the world.  Some are up for the day, while others are heading to bed.

In addition, I perused my travel club site.  You may recall that I was a member, when head office was located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  However, when they left Mississauga, I thought possibly the club had folded.  But, I was wrong.  Head office had moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

In any case, I went on-line to see what was happening.

There was a pleasant surprise waiting for me!  A sale was in effect, for resorts around the world.  I must say that our regular last minute pricing for resorts is about the best there is, being lower than I have heard of on a regular basis.  But, this sale was a great one.  The pricing is half (1/2) of our regular, low-priced last minute pricing.  Good time to go, don't you think?

Checking on resorts and locations was a rather fun, relaxing thing for me to do.

I noticed there was a 2-bedroom unit available in Phoenix, Arizona, USA area.  My first thought upon seeing this, was my neighbour/friend K, who used to spend part winters in that area, because her Mom used to live there.

The thought of calling her ran through my mind.  Looking at the clock changed my mind.  It was well after midnight!  There was no way I was going to contact her, at that time of night!

Around suppertime tonight, I called K.  I told her about the sale and went on-line to see what was available.  Phoenix was no longer available.  When there is an amazing sale like there is at the moment people book, immediately.  Once units are booked, they're gone.

We discussed countries outside North America, but they weren't appealing to her.  K preferred the thought of driving, rather than flying.  I let K know that there were unites available here in Ontario, in Collingwood or Barrie.  She said she'd like to lay out in the sun, feeling some warmth.

I mentioned Orlando area of Florida, USA.  This seemed to appeal to her, so I printed out the info and knocked on her door.  She asked me to hold on a moment, because someone was at her door (lol).  Yes, K laughed when she saw me!  :-))

So, tonight, she is reading over the info.  K let me know she'll think about it and pray about it tonight, and let me know, tomorrow.

While I would not really look forward to the lengthy 22+ hour drive (each way), I realize that it would be beneficial in some ways.  When Gordon and I used to visit Florida, we sometimes made side trips, to see things in areas we normally would not be able to visit, easily.

Time will tell if it will work out for me to get away for a week.  For sure, if K doesn't want to go, I probably won't go.  Who wants to do this sort of thing, alone?  Not me.

Until next time...

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