Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ne'er a Minute to Spare!

Friday was an extremely busy day for me.

Once again, I was up early.  It was good that I had an early start for my day.

As you already know, I went to do my exercise for the day.  Upon arriving home, I thought I would be just working at home, doing computer work and making calls, etc.

Much to my surprise, I found I actually had to work outside my home, in the afternoon.  Of course, this meant rushing through my work at home and making last minute appointments.

Once finished working, my day didn't slow down, but instead increased in intensity.  I was rushed doing other things in support of work, family and church family.  I praised God that everything I needed to do was within a relatively short distance of each other.

Even so, I hardly had a minute to spare.

Eventually, I arrived at my friend A's home.  A had invited not just me to her home, but also several other church family sister's-in-the-Lord.

It was shocking, but I was actually the first (1st) woman to arrive.  I brought with me a plate of goodies for dessert, as my contribution to our dinner gathering.

One by one, friends with hands filled with contributions to dinner, joined us.  Together, we had a great time of fellowship. 

It seemed we all knew each other fairly well, with the exception of one woman who I had seen at church many times, but had not yet gotten to know, personally.  Since she was one of the earlier people to arrive, we had time to get to know each other a little bit, before the crowd rushed in.

When A had invited me, I almost had to turn her down, because Friday was the first (1st) Friday of the month.  Meaning, this was the evening for Christian Singles' Cafe (CSC).  When we meet at Tim Horton's for coffee and fellowship time.

Any other month, I would have just cancelled attending CSC in order to attend A's women's fellowship dinner, but this month was the exception.

My friend J, who we call B, you may recall, had gone out to Edmonton to visit his daughter, about the time when she was due to deliver his first (1st) grandchild.  He had a wonderful time, while there.  His family, who had relocated there recently, didn't really want him to leave.

Not finding employment, B thought he was going to return to Windsor, but during a gathering of some people he met with, one of the men told him he should apply where he worked, for they were hiring.  B took the fellow's advice.  The rest is history.

B began working at one of the out-in-the-boonie camps.  He works 10 hours per day, three (3) weeks in a row; then, he has one (1) week off.  Usually, he spends it with his family, in Edmonton.  But, not this time.

Friday about 3:00 pm, B arrived in Windsor.  There's more to be said about this, at a later time.

Consequently, I could not cancel out from attending CSC.  When I explained this to A, she insisted I join the group of women, at least for a while and leave them early enough to be able to attend CSC.

That is exactly what I did. 

Together, we enjoyed fellowship time, before praying together.  Then we enjoyed our pot-luck dinner, which proved to be a tasty treat.  Thank you, ladies!  I pray you were as blessed as I was!

Then, one of my church sisters gave her testimony.  This had been a planned event for our gathering.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but immediately after L did this, I said goodbye to my cronies and had to leave.

Well, there is more to be said about Friday evening, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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