Friday, May 27, 2011

Good, Bad and Ugly...

This morning, I awoke before my alarm was due to go off, but I didn't get out of bed.  I just wanted to lay there, snuggling in comfort.  After several times resetting my snooze alarm, I finally decided to get myself up and get moving.

My day began as it typically does.  I read the paper, but decided I didn't have time to do the puzzles I really enjoy doing, so I just set it aside and got going as per my normal routine.

As usual, after checking e-mail for work and pleasure, I went on Facebook (FB) for a few minutes, to update there.  Yes, I even managed to get some work done!

Exercise came next.  Working out isn't easy for me, as you know.  Even so, I am committed.  Of course, some people probably think I should be committed (LOL), but my friend/personal trainer M always remarks how devoted I am.  Yes.  I believe I am tenacious, for I never give up, at anything I do.

When I was younger, I was not like this.  If friends told me I was handling something in a wrong fashion, I would heed their advice.

However, after growing into a more mature Christian, I know that God expects me to never give up, on anything.  Or, anyone.

Had I been like this when I was married the first time, I would either still be married or be dead.  In either case, I wouldn't have given up, even if the results weren't great.  But, at that time, even though I considered myself Christian, I truly didn't have the relationship I do today, with Jesus, my Lord and Saviour.

Today, I was once again faced with a situation, where I am feeling I need to change a situation.  At this time, I will not go into detail, but it is enough to say that I haven't yet done this.  In fact, I really don't want to do this, either. 

Prayerfully, I am thinking about what I should do.  He will give me the answer, I am sure.  In His time; not mine.

At lunch time, my co-worker/friend C and I met with our mortgage broker friend M.  We didn't meet at a restaurant, but rather at M's home.

It seemed easier this way, for we needed to discuss some business, plus some marketing opportunities to work together, on some projects.  M felt she would need her laptop and other equipment, so it made sense to us.

C arrived before me, but even when I arrived M was still preparing for our feast.  Upon my arrival, I brought into M's home our sweet treat for dessert, but I realized I had forgotten my cell phone in my van.  Since it was recharging in my vehicle, I decided to leave it there.

Thank you M, for serving us lunch!  It was truly a pleasure to have prayerful fellowship time together and share such a delicious meal. 

To be honest, the lunch meal M served was actually my main meal for the day.  It truly wasn't lunch, but more like supper.  Wow, was I full when I left your home, M! 

As I was walking out her door, M handed me a bag with enough food for an instant replay.  I never expected that and refused at first, but M insisted so off I went, with delicacies in hand!  Once again, thank you for your generous hospitality.

Arriving at my van, I secured the food I had been given and climbed in.  Immediately, I checked my cell phone and found I had missed a few calls.

Just as I was about to dial one of the phone numbers, my cell phone rang.  It was a mutual friend of a friend of mine.  She asked if I was driving; I replied to M that I wasn't.  She asked me to sit down.

Then, M let me know that my friend Wanda had been found dead, this morning.

We talked while I sat in the driveway, for I was unable to drive anywhere until I ended the call.  I'll be writing more about this, within a few days.  For now, all I can say is that I feel badly about Wanda dying.

It sure has been a hard day for me.  I feel like I've had a myriad of emotions.  Some good, some bad and some truly ugly.

Until next time...

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