Sunday, May 1, 2011


If you've been recently reading Life with Lynnie (LwL), you are aware I have been sick.  What began as what seemed to be a cold, became a sinus, ears, nose and throat problem, ultimately affecting my lungs. 

That's where I stand, today.  While I'm feeling greatly improved, I am still experiencing breaking up in my lungs and a croupy cough.  Oh well.  God is good!  At least I am progressing and able to function, now.  Thank you, Lord!

Today, being SONday, I went to church.  Being the first (1st) Sunday of the month, it was Communion Sunday.  If you know me, you know that I love it when we celebrate the Lord's supper!

As of late, I haven't written much about what I have personally been doing.  It is partly due to being ill, but even so, these last few days I have been able to function better, so I can clue you in.  Mainly, it is because I have had other things to write about.  Things I thought were of a more important nature.

Last Thursday, I was glad to have been feeling somewhat improved, because it was a special day.  Not for me, but rather for my co-worker/friend C.  It was the second (2nd) anniversary of his wife's death. 

Knowing I had been sick enough that I didn't even attend worship services on Good Friday or Easter Sunday, I was grateful to be well enough to be able to get together with C, for lunch.  We met at East Side Mario's, where we spent some time discussing business and of course, the fact that it was a sad day for him. 

C had been away over Easter weekend.  He had flown to Mexico to attend a relative's wedding.  Yes, the happy couple married on the Saturday of Easter weekend, sort of like what Gordon and I had done.

Even though it was now two (2) years since his loss, I know he is still grieving, for he cannot speak of his wife, without tearing and choking up.  If you could find it in your heart to pray for C, I would be grateful.  May God bless you.

Friday, was a day when I thought possibly my cough was getting worse.  But, by Saturday, I was once again feeling improved.

I was grateful for feeling improved, because my friend J had insisted we get together.  She claimed she wasn't the least bit concerned about the thought of getting sick after being around me, because she had visited and brought me supper, the Saturday of Easter weekend when I truly was ill, and she hadn't yet become ill.

So, last night I joined J at her home, for supper.  Knowing she will be working out at my friend M's gym, beginning on Monday, she didn't want me bringing a massive amount of dessert with me.  So, instead, I just stopped at Tim Horton's and picked up a couple of donuts.  Something I rarely do; in fact, I cannot recall when I have ever done this? 

In any case, we enjoyed our time together of fellowship and a lovely meal.  Thank you, J.  I am truly blessed to have you as my friend.

Afterwards, we went to Calvary Community Church, in Tecumseh.  It was movie night!  We watched a Christian film called Johnny.  It made me wish my grandson J had joined us, as he had done a couple of times, previously.  Unfortunately, he missed a good movie.

While writing this entry today, my phone rang.  It was my co-worker/friend C.  He admitted to me that recently, he had joined Plenty of Fish (PoF); a Christian dating site. 

The reason for his call wasn't really to tell me this, but rather, to let me know that he met a woman on-line that he will meet for coffee, once she returns from Florida, where she flew to for vacation, today. 

C wanted to let me know, in case I got a call from her.  It turns out, she is one of my church sisters, whose husband died about a year before Gordon. 

C suggested I join PoF.  I made it clear I am not interested in doing this.  I have enough problem warding off advances from men on Facebook (FB)!

Until next time...

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