Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congratulations M & P!

Congratulations M & P!  Mr. & Mrs. C!

If you read yesterday's entry, you'll know that it wasn't the best of days for me.

One thing I neglected to mention is that in the evening, I attended a wedding rehearsal.  If you've read Life with Lynnie (LwL) for a while, you may recall that my friend M was to marry P, today.

P's family I know fairly well.  His Mom, plus one of his brother's and his family worship at my church.  The rest of his family has also worshipped with me in the past, so I know them fairly well.  All except P, who I hadn't met, until I met him through M.  Interesting, wouldn't you say? 

In any case, the rehearsal went well.  We all gathered at the church.  Whenever I have sang for a wedding, I have usually been asked to sing for the rehearsal, but this didn't happen.

Today, turned out to be a beautiful day; in fact, a perfect day for a wedding!  While it wasn't bright and cheerful in the morning, it sure cleared up to be a sunny and less humid afternoon.  Perfect for the happy couple's photos!

At the scheduled time, I along with everyone else who were to be in attendance at the wedding ceremony, gathered at the Catholic church, where M worships.  P converted so that they could both be on the same page so to speak, and worship, together.

I must say, the ceremony was lovely.  So was the bride! 

Everything went off just right, without a hitch.  The wedding processional music was sung by me, acapella.  I sang Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up, but with my little twist at the end, where I add one more line, honouring my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  After all, He is the one who truly raises us up!

The remainder of the music was done by people who normally do so at this church, which I can only presume is where they worship.  I wished Gordon could have been there to hear Ava Maria, sung.  It was one of his favourites, even though he wasn't Catholic.

By the time the reception began at suppertime, the weather had changed; it rained throughout the evening.  Wow!  Thank You, Lord!  Thank You, for providing the perfect day for a wedding. 

Above is a pic of the happy couple, one of the first few taken as husband and wife.  Congratulations M & P!  May God always be in the centre of your marriage, along with you.  May God bless your marriage and provide you with many happy, healthy and love-filled years, ahead!

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