Monday, May 9, 2011

Blessed Beyond Belief!

Today is the 9th of May.  Tomorrow is the 10th.  At 12:30 am, it will be 19 months, since my husband took his last breath.

This has truly been the worst trial of my life.  And, I've had many.

Just as God restored Job, completely restoring his life and family, I feel like God is beginning to do this for me.  At least, in some ways.

Of course, I am still a widow.  It's not easy.  In fact, it is downright hard. 

I suppose some people handle it better than others.  As for me, I guess you can say I fall in the latter group, for I don't feel like I am handling it, well.  Still, I am grateful that God gives me grace and helps me cope, daily.

To all who have prayed for me, I thank you and pray God will bless you for doing so.  It seems some of your prayers have been answered.  I know some of mine have been!  Praise God!  Thank You, Jesus!

Saturday evening, my daughter B called me.  She invited me to join her, her family and some other people for dinner on Mother's Day.  Wow!  I was shocked, but very happy.

Later, my daughter P invited me to visit her and her family at their home, after church on Sunday; Mother's Day.  Wow!  Again, I was shocked, but very happy.

So, after worshipping at my church, I did exactly that.  I visited with P and her family.  It was wonderful.  Not because they had Mother's Day gifts for me, either.  While I appreciated receiving them, the truth is, I it did my heart good that P and her family wanted to spend time with me.  Thank you, P.  Thank you, grandchildren D, Z & S.  K, too.  I truly felt blessed.

Afterwards, I made my way over to meet B and family, for dinner.  We had a lovely time, together.  Once again, I truly appreciated the lovely card and gift, but the best part was having almost all B's family spend time with me.  Thank you, B... and grandchildren T, N, J & A; I'm sorry A wasn't with us, but hopefully, I'll see him on Wednesday, this week.  Again, I truly felt blessed.

There were other people who shared this Mother's Day dinner.  I appreciated visiting with each one.  After all, life for me is relatively boring and lonely.

One guest made some comments about someone he and another person were mutual friends with.  He spoke about how he felt their friend shouldn't be feeling so sad, after losing their loved one.

Hmmm...  Obviously, everyone handles grief differently.  Actually, I commented about this.  Once again, it made me realize that there are so many people who don't understand loss and grief. 

It seems to me that many people think that someone who is grieving, shouldn't be grieving, especially if they believe their loved one is in heaven.  I don't agree.

Even if a person's loved one is in heaven, there is terrible loss felt by the loved one left behind.  Yes, we can be happy we know our loved one is in heaven, but does that mean that we shouldn't feel loss or sadness, loneliness, or any of the other feelings that seem to fill a person, when they grieve?  After all, we are only human.

It seems to me that some people just have never experienced the kind of loss that some of us have.  Praise God for this, for I wouldn't wish grief upon anyone.  Not even my worst enemy.

Even so, as I mentioned earlier, I feel like God is beginning to restore part of my life.  For this I am thankful, for this was the first time in MANY years that both my children and grandchildren celebrated Mother's Day, with me.  I praise God and thank You, Jesus!  You blessed me beyond belief.

Until next time...

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