Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Rather Anxious Few Days...

It's been quite a week.

As you know, Tuesday would have been my wedding anniversary, had Gordon still been alive.  It was a rough few days. 

The anticipation leading up to the day is the worst, but God helped me through it, as He always does.  For this, I praise God and thank Jesus.

While I won't say that Wednesday was a stressful day, I did experience a bit of anxiety.  Especially, when I made the commitment to a company, who will assist me in self-publishing the book I am in the process of writing.

Be still my heart!  It wasn't just the financial commitment I had to make, but also the commitment of actually completing the book I have begun writing!

Some people might think the only reason I am writing this book, is for financial purposes, but if people thought this, they would be only partially right.  Of course, financially speaking, I am hoping to at least recover the finances I will be providing to have this book published, because it is not inexpensive to do this.  But, this is not the main reason for publishing my book.

After receiving messages of encouragement to change Life with Lynnie (LwL) into a book, and after hearing from people who feel they have been helped by reading not just of my life's trials, but how God has helped me through them, I finally made the decision to move forward and just take the plunge. 

Hopefully, many will be blessed by what I have to say.  Especially those who have never heard of LwL, or have access to a computer and internet.

Now, all I have to do is to finish writing it!  I'll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, I would appreciate any prayer you can offer me, for God to provide just the right words for me to write.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Thursday, was a busy day for me.  Not really for work, but because I spent some time with my daughter, P.

Together, we went to the City of Windsor offices, thinking this was where the hearing was being held, concerning the situation regarding the boarded up houses issue I have written about previously.  I thought it was a strange place to go, considering the City had never given our group the time of day, never giving permission to speak to City Council.

As it turned out, we went to the wrong place.  Eventually, a City clerk gave us the info as to which court house and courtroom to go to, in order to sit in on the hearing.

Since the building was across the street, it didn't take us long to finally arrive at the courtroom.  The lawyer representing our group did a wonderful job presenting the case to the judge. 

While we spent most of the day there, the hearing is not finished.  Hopefully, God will bless this group, who wish only for these boarded up homes to be torn down.

After all, would you like your children or grandchildren to have to live and walk to school in a neighbourhood made dangerous by home after home being boarded up?  Oh well, there's a lot that can be said, but since I've already written about this in the past, I won't reiterate the issue.  It's just one more reason to request prayer.  May God bless you, richly.

Until next time...

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