Wednesday, April 27, 2011

He's Alive & Well!

Living alone and having family that usually prefers to spend special holiday times as personal family time for their immediate family, usually translates into me being alone at those times that I was raised to believe are times when all family gets together to celebrate.  Thus, becoming rather lonely times, for me.

It's okay.  I understand.  It's their lives.  They can live them as they please.

After last Christmas' troubles, I had already decided I was not going to put myself through any heartache over the matter.  Therefore, I wasn't even going to consider inviting anyone for Easter dinner.

As you've heard me say in the past, God is in control.  He took over everything.  He even allowed me to become sick, so that I wouldn't even want to spend time with my loved ones, putting them at risk of getting sick, like me.

He took over in ways I never dreamed of.

For starters, on Friday, I was so sick that I didn't attend my church's Good Friday worship service; it's the first time I ever missed one.  Even so, my friend J insisted she was coming to visit me and bringing supper with her. 

No matter how much I argued with J, insisting I didn't want her to become sick after being around me, she just didn't take no for an answer.  J showed up at my door with a beautiful dinner ready to be served. 

She even stayed and let me beat her at a game of Phase 10.  Do you think she let me win on purpose, in an effort to make me feel better about things?  :-))  Thank you, J!  I cannot believe what a devoted friend you are to me.  I am truly blessed.

On Easter Sunday, after coughing myself silly, I got ready to go check on my home across town.  After all, I hadn't checked on it, in a couple of days, so I felt my trip there was overdue.  No, I didn't worship at church, even though it was only a block away, for the same reason I didn't attend on Good Friday.

Before I left, I actually received a phone call from my eldest daughter B, wishing me Happy Easter and inviting me to dinner on Monday, if I am feeling improved.  As shocking as this was to be invited and even if I don't end up joining them if I am still too sick, it sure did my heart good to be invited! 

In my travels, I went to the cemetary, to Gordon's grave.  Also, I stopped by both my daughter's homes, to drop off Easter goodies to them and their families.  They already knew I wasn't dropping by to visit, because I didn't want anyone becoming ill after spending time with me, so I didn't go inside their homes.

Arriving home, I rested for a while.

My neighbour/friend K from across the hall, phoned me.  She was hoping I would accept dinner from her, today; however, I politely refused, because I wasn't all that hungry and still had food in my fridge that needed to be eaten.  What a sweetheart K is!  Thank you for thinking of me, K!

As I was resting, I thought I heard a knock at my door.  Opening it, I found a bag hanging on my door handle.  No one was there.

Oooohhhh... but, the bag contained a tasty treat!  As a matter of fact, it contained my favourite Easter treat.  A Mr. Munchy; the chocolate bunny with rice crisps!

At first, I wasn't sure who the Easter Bunny used to bring me this tasty treat, but I quickly suspected it was K and her visiting friend E, from across the hall.  Sure enough, there was a cute note inside, containing wishes for a speedy recovery and wishing me Happy Easter!  Thank you K & E, for your kindness, generosity and love.  I am truly blessed.

Wow!  I know God put it on the hearts of my friends and family to show me love at a time, when I wasn't feeling up to snuff.  May God bless each of you, who went out of your way to make my Easter weekend a special time, and not just a time of illness and loneliness.

And who says the Easter Bunny isn't alive and well?! 

Until next time...

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