Monday, April 4, 2011

A Harvest Blessing!

Normally, I would attend Bible study and prayer on every second Thursday; meaning, last Thursday.  As you are aware, I no longer meet at my church, for our Pastor changed the programme as we knew it.  Now, we meet in small groups, at people's homes.

Unfortunately, after having a busy day, sitting in court with my daughter P and some of the other members of the Boarded Up group, I had much to do.

In addition, I felt that I probably wouldn't contribute much to the group, because I had missed last Sunday morning's sermon.  Especially, since our new format for Bible Study is based on the sermon given by our Pastor at church at Sunday morning's worship service. 

You may recall that I didn't worship at my own church, but rather, attended a nearby church where my friend M, her husband and daughter were baptized.

So, while I felt badly about not attending the Bible study, I knew it was truly the right thing to do, that evening.

On Friday morning, I arrived at M's earlier than normal.  She weighed me and took my measurements.  Success, this month!  Then, I proceeded to work out, as per normal.

There was a few minutes when no one else was with us.  M commented at how happy she was that I had been there to see her and her family baptized.  I agreed that it was wonderful!

To my surprise, she also told me how she'll never forget that I was the first person to talk to her about Jesus.  She also told me that she will never forget all the times over the years that I did things for her and the small things I brought to her, showing her the love of Jesus, in me.

I was floored!  But, I was honoured, too.  Silently and aloud, I praised God and thanked Jesus, for saving my friend and her family!  If you or she only knew how many prayers were said for them!

One thing that made me feel really good, was the fact that most often, we never get to see the seeds watered and brought to harvest, that we plant for Christ.  God honoured me, by allowing me to see that my efforts were not in vain.  Thank You, Lord!

Even if I had not known M's true feelings, I would have been happy she and her family were saved and were baptized, in obedience to God's direction.  For truly, it matters not who plants those seeds. 

What matters is that they were saved from spending eternity in hell, at the end of their physical life, here on earth.  I cannot thank God enough, for this!

In many cases, people become saved after several people plant seeds for Christ.  Most often, those doing the planting don't get to see the harvest. 

So, when I say I feel blessed, I am not bragging; but rather, I truly mean it.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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