Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun, Food & Fellowship!

On Thursday, after trying to send e-mail to my clients and once again, not having any luck, I went to work out at my friend M's.  This problem had been going on for over a week, at this point, but I knew I couldn't resolve it any time, soon, so I just did what I needed to do elsewhere.

Afterwards, I had to rush and get ready to go.  Out I went, driving to Essex Baptist Church, in Essex, Ontario, a nearby town to Windsor.  The meeting began about noon. 

What we did at Essex Baptist, was very different from normal. 

Normally, we at Campbell Baptist Church 50+ group don't entertain any at/with/for any group other than our own, even though we support other groups at other churches.  But, my friend W who leads our 50+ group had arranged for us to provide and entertain for the Essex group meeting.

Our Pastor B, was speaker of the event.  I was singing for the group, acapella of course.  And, my friends W and H acted in a skit they wrote and produced.

W played the cartoon character Maxine.  H played Martha Stewart.

I wish you could have been there to see Martha arrive in all her finery!  But, the best was when Maxine joined us, wearing mismatched slippers, rather disheveled clothing similar to what Maxine wears, her hair quite messy, tied up with a hair band. 

What a hoot!  I'm sure you would have laughed, for there wasn't a straight face to be found, anywhere in the room!

Arriving home, I had to focus on work.  This is a story for another time!

At suppertime, I knocked on my neighbour/friend K's door and handed her dinner, once again.  I had prewarned her to expect this, once again tonight.  If you've been a regular reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that K and I do this, regularly.  Sometimes, she cooks for me; other times, I do for her!

Friday, once again, I tried to get some e-mail work done, before going to work out at my friend M's home, but I had no such luck.  Frustration was mounting, to be sure!  Of course, working out always takes away some of the stress of life, so I was glad to do this!

Arriving home, I only had a few minutes to shower and get ready to leave, once again.  This time, I had to meet my friend A for lunch at Red Lobster, stopping at the bank along the way!

While I usually try to arrive early, this time my friend A arrived before me.  Together, we were seated in a booth in an area we don't usually sit in, but this worked out fine in the end.

We feasted on a fabulous lunch!  After all, who can go to Red Lobster and not enjoy it?!

Our fellowship time was long over due.  I was glad to be able to spend some time with A! 

On my way to meet her, I had been concerned as to what I would be able to talk about with her, for A reads my blog, daily.  Now that I know this, I am always concerned as to what to talk about, for she already knows what happens in my daily life!

As it turned out, once again I worried for nothing.  We never stopped talking!  The fellowship we shared was wonderful, as was our meal.  A felt it was her turn to treat, so she did.  Thank you A, for treating me to lunch and such a wonderful time!

Feeling truly blessed, I thought I should head home, but made a stop along the way.  I won't go into detail now, because I will be writing about this in another entry.

Try to not lose sleep over what I will be writing about, please!  lol :-))