Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Evening of Prayer... and a Laugh!

Last Friday evening was a special time.  It was a time of prayer.

At last month's 50+ luncheon at my church, Bob Cameron was our guest speaker.  After approximately 20 years absense, Bob and his family returned to live in Windsor, after living in the Brampton and Mississauga areas.

Bob and his family have associated themselves with a group called the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative (DWCC).  As Christians, they are using their time and resources in a Christian mission effort to rejuvenate Windsor's core downtown area, opening up their home and assisting in activities that they believe will help the community.

G, a friend of mine who attended the 50+ luncheon with me, was happy she heard about the Cameron family's efforts.  Even though she lives in the nearby community of Tecumseh (Lakeshore) and not in Windsor, she thought this was a good project to support.  As I did, too. 

As a Christion, G wanted to participate and agreed to attend an evening of prayer scheduled for Friday, April 8th that Bob had arranged.  She decided to bring a friend with her, who she would pick up on her way downtown.  I agreed to meet them, there.

Truly, I cannot believe what I did.  Hopefully, you'll have a good laugh.  After all, we all need a good laugh, sometimes.  And, if we can't laugh at ourselves, then what's the point?!   :-))

All day, I was reminding people about the meeting scheduled for 7:00 pm, at All Saints' Church, near City Hall. 

Driving was easy and the traffic was light, until I reached the area of Caesar's Windsor, the casino and hotel complex, near where my destination was located.  When I turned south onto Glengarry, I was delayed a few moments, due to the volume of traffic entering the parking garage.  Obviously, there must have been a well-known entertainer due to grace fans at the casino, although I don't know who it would have been.

Finally, I arrived at All Saints' Church and immediately found parking, even though there was quite a few cars parked in the area.  For this, I praised God and thanked Jesus!

Finding the front door to the church locked wasn't a surprise, for sometimes the front door is not used, so I made my way to the side door entrance.  I could hear people singing, so it was shocking to find that door locked, as well. 

Standing there, I couldn't tell if the sound of music was resonating from the church itself, or the attached Scott Hall.  My next thought was that the meeting entrance must have been the hall entrance, so I walked around the complex to that door.  Nope.  It was locked!

Then, I thought maybe I was confused about the time or something, so I pulled out of my purse, the ad I had received, giving the meeting information. 

There it was!  The name of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church graced the ad, with the information on the meeting time and date.  :-))  While I can laugh now, I wasn't laughing then!

There is more to this story, but I will have to finish it, tomorrow.  Hopefully, you'll stay tuned!

Until next time...

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