Friday, April 1, 2011

By Choice or Accidental?

If you've been reading my recent entries, you'll be aware that I have been writing with regards to Linda Ireland's death; my neighbour who went missing from our apartment building complex Friday, March 18th just after 9:30 pm and whose body was found in the water, at the foot of Dieppe Gardens approximately 6:45 pm, Sunday, March 27, 2011.

Yesterday, I wrote about how we live on, once we've suffered a mortal death, to go through God's judgement; about how those who are saved, trusting in Jesus Christ for their salvation, find themselves immediately in heaven, with their Lord.  And, how those who are not in Christ, only have one alternative, hell.

Many are inferring that Linda's death was not accidental.  I for one, know that it is possible that this may not be the truth.

While it may be true that Linda was suffering dementia problems related to her having Alzheimer's, and it may be true that Linda's eyesight had been affected so that she could not see further than a few feet in front of her, it does not prove she committed suicide.

For sure, these health problems were not easy for her to live with.  I can see that she may have been rather depressed, not just because of her health problems, but also finding out that she would not be able to continue living in our complex due to the condition of her health, if in fact this was true.  But, these things do not prove Linda ended her life.

Our complex's security film showed her leaving our building.  Another resident saw her more than an hour later, walking along the waterfront.  Yes, it is possible she voluntarily entered the water.  But, no one saw her do this.

I believe she may have accidently fallen in the river.  I know, not everyone would agree with me, but you see, it almost happened to my husband, Gordon.

Let me tell you what happened to Gordon. 

First, I must explain, that like Linda, Gordon battled depression.  He also experienced mood swings and a variety of physical ailments that were a result of him having an inoperable brain tumour.  Gordon experienced times of dizziness and eye focus problems.  

Sounds sort of like some of the resulting problems Linda experienced were similar, even if the cause wasn't the same, in my mind.  In my mind, I believe it may be because although the cause was different, both conditions affected their brain and how it functioned.

Anyone who isn't familiar with our apartment complex would not be aware that we have many amenities, right here in our building.  We have an outdoor pool, sauna, games room, party room, hair salon that services both men and women, a library with books and movies, a golf range in the basement where people can practice and a convenience store that also serves light meals throughout the day.

One day, Gordon had gone out for a walk.  Like Linda had been seen doing, he walked along the waterfront, for we have a sidewalk that runs along the river side, complete with places to sit to relax and guarded by a railing.

Meanwhile, a woman had been eating some lunch in the convenience store/restaurant, beside the window that overlooks the river and the walkway.

Apparently, as per the woman who brought Gordon home, he arose from the bench where he had been seated and began to walk.  Gordon tripped and fell against the railing.  In fact, I was told his body teetered there, on the railing, because he could not catch himself completely and was trying to right himself.

This woman at the window, ran outside and grabbed him, rescuing Gordon from falling into the river.  As I mentioned, she brought him home to me, being rather angry that I had allowed Gordon to be out anywhere, alone.  As if I had a choice!  Anyone who knew Gordon, knew that at almost 6' 2" and 240+ lbs, there was nothing I could do to stop him from leaving our apartment, anytime he chose to.  But, this is something to discuss another time.

Believe me when I say I prayed for Gordon, always.

There is still more to be said about this topic, so please hang in with me.  I appreciate your patience.

Until next time...

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