Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Books and More Books...

Friday was a great day for me.  And, not just because of what I wrote about, yesterday.

As you know, my friend J organized a group meeting of single Christians that she called Christian Singles' Cafe (CSC).  CSC began only a few weeks after my husband Gordon, died.  J had insisted I attend with her, if only to get me out of the house.  Now, I am happy to attend.

Being the first Friday of the month, we met at Tim Horton's, at Crawford and Wyandotte W, here in Windsor. 

Originally, J told me she didn't think she would join us, as she was busy working on her taxes.  But, because we had a couple of guests join us, who flew in from British Columbia, she managed to join in the fun, at least for a short time!

Our coffee time is usually a good time for those in attendance.  Friday was no different. 

However, it was a strange evening, for instead of people arriving on time, as per the norm, it seemed that people came, stayed for a short time and then left, to be replaced by others who arrived late.  Wow!  Weird, to be sure, but it was still nice to see so many people participate.

Even though a good time seemed to be had by all, I arrived home about the normal time of 10:00 pm.  Being tired, I thought I'd sleep well and headed off to bed.

Nope, it didn't happen.  I didn't sleep well.  In fact, I had one of those nights where I just could not shut off my brain.  Tossing and turning, I cat napped throughout the night.

Saturday, I decided I absolutely had to continue working on my book writing.  This took up most of my afternoon.  I feel like I'm making good progress.  Thank You, Lord, for helping me!

After eating dinner, I finally made up my mind about going out.  Normally, I just stay home Saturday evenings, unless I have some plans to have friends over or visit friends at their homes.

A friend on Facebook (FB) had invited me to attend a new group they were forming.  A book reading group. 

While I didn't commit to attending, the thought never left my mind throughout the day.  As I mentioned, after dinner I decided to get ready and go to where the group was to meet.

Only three (3) of us met; my FB friend who organized the group, another woman and myself.  Of course, Saturday evening is usually a busy time for most people, so we agreed to meet monthly, on the first Monday of each month.

So far, even though I enjoyed the meeting, I have yet to make up my mind if I will like participating in a group such as this.  Especially since I have such a busy schedule as of late, with much to do.

Still, I'm keeping an open mind and will just take this one step at a time.  I'll make sure to keep you posted.

Until next time...

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