Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wearing of the Green... White and Orange?

Today, is St. Patrick's Day.  It seems that just about everyone becomes Irish, on March 17th!

The fact is, many of us in N. America, have ancestors from Ireland.  But, do all celebrate St. Paddy's Day?  Not really.

I must admit that on the first Wednesday of the month, when I visited with my friends at their seniors' luncheon at Harrow Baptist Church, I felt rather out of place.  It seemed that I was the only person in attendance who had forgotten that the month of March is always in celebration of the wearing of the green!  How I managed that, is beyond me!

A, B & K (who live in Amherstburg) and I had a good time together, in any case.  Even if I hadn't realized the group was celebrating St. Pat's Day, early.

We feasted on Irish stew, or so we were told.  Truly, I was glad it was made with beef and not the traditional lamb, for I am not fond of lamb, at all.

Gordon used to tell me that I should get used to it here on earth, for once I go to heaven, I'll be eating lamb, regularly.  I used to respond that here on earth, I am not perfect; but, once I arrive in heaven, I will be, so I'll enjoy eating lamb, then!  I suppose Gordon must truly be enjoying heaven, if he's eating lamb regularly, for he really enjoyed eating lamb. 

As opposed to me, whose only idea of enjoying lamb, is to see them in the fields in Ireland, coming up to the fences to greet us!

Yesterday, was our 50+ group luncheon, at my church.  Unfortunately, my friends from Amherstburg weren't able to make it to our gathering, but instead, another friend of mine G, joined me and the group.

G had never been to my church, before.  As a born-again believer, she worships at another church, closer to where she lives in Tecumseh.  Still, G was amazed at the size of our church building and thought our sanctuary was lovely (it was redone a few years ago).

Of course, the decor in our fellowship room was done in green, to celebrate the Irish calendar's day of remembrance to the saint.  While it was rather surprising to me that we didn't partake of a truly Irish meal, we enjoyed a terrific pot-luck lunch and some great fellowship!

G told me she enjoyed herself and is hoping to get together, again.  In fact, she told me she would like to attend Essex Baptist Church, on Thursday, April 7th, when our Campbell Baptist Church 50+ group will be entertaining, there. 

Oh yes, something surprising happened, today! 

While it seemed that most people I encountered today, were wearing green and some were sporting St. Patrick's Day hats and/or other humerous accessories, I actually saw some people wearing ORANGE.

Now, I would hazard a guess that most people wouldn't give this a second thought, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It brought a smile to my face, for sure!

It was a silent reminder that my Granny would probably turn over in her grave, if she knew that I wore green, today.  Yes, I admit I did this, but not necessarily in support of the day.  Although, I must say that next year, I may decide to wear Orange, like some people I saw, today.

Or, maybe I'll wear green, white and orange!  This way, I can celebrate with the mainly Catholic population of the Republic of Ireland, who celebrate their patron-saint, Patrick, even though he wasn't Catholic.  And, I'll be able to support my heritage and family, who live in N. Ireland, who march in the Protestant bands and celebrate Orangemen's Day on July 12th, annually.

What a great idea!  Well, after all, at one time the troubles separated those of Irish blood, but those times are over.  Now, it's time for everyone to celebrate... being Irish!

Until next time...

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