Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Virtuous Woman?!

Monday, is always a hard day for those of us who are employed.  lol

As per my usual routine as of the last month, I made my way to my friend M's home, where I did my workout.  In fact, I did a little more than I have in the past. 

Was I worn out, when I left for home!  Even so, I could not rest, for I had work to do.

Some people think it is easy to work at home.  In some ways it is, but in some ways it is not.  Discipline is something that everyone needs.  Luckily, I am disciplined.  Some people think that discipline is a virtue.  Does this mean I am a virtuous woman?! 

Arriving home, I didn't even take the time to shower.  I just turned on my computer and began doing what I knew I needed to do.

It never ceases to amaze me, how God's timing is always perfect!

I managed to complete my lengthy research and get it printed up within my time constraint.  I praise God and thank Jesus for always being there for me!  And, helping me!

Knowing I was tight for time, I rushed into the shower and got ready to leave for my appointment.

With literally not much time to spare, I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before 1:30 pm, just ahead of my friend/guest, G.  We dined at Tony Macaroni's (TM's) in Tecumseh.  G had suggested we meet there; it was one place where I had never been, before.

Together, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and a fabulous time of fellowship.  For sure, I will return to TM's, in the future!

Like me, G is a believer, who is also a widow.  She and I had much to discuss, together.  Many issues came up, during our conversation. 

This was actually the first time we had actually spent this much time, to get to know each other, better.  Although I originally met G at Christian Singles' Cafe (Tim Horton's the first Friday of each month), she is not a regular attender, there. 

I'm glad we were able to fellowship, together! 

On my way home, I made a couple of necessary stops.  While driving, I was thinking about what else I needed to accomplish, both for work and for home.

One task that came to mind was my laundry.  :(  lol  Why can't it do itself? :-))

Entering my home, my first thought was that I didn't really want to do any more work for the day.  But, then my conscience got the better of me.  After all, I did say that I am a disciplined person!

So, guess what I did?  My laundry, of course!

Until next time...

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