Friday, March 11, 2011


Are you sitting down?  If not, you may want to.

Last weekend, I took the time to clean and reorganize my home, a bit.  No, that's not the surprising part.  The surprising part, to even me, is the fact that I took a few items that belonged to Gordon to Bibles for Missions.

Shocked!  So was I, truly.

While I haven't reached the point where I can give away or dispose of all of Gordon's clothing and personal items, I felt like there was a few things I could end my relationship with.

Last Friday, while at Christian Singles' Cafe at Tim Horton's coffee shop, one Christian friend discussed with me about some of her relatives and the problem she is having with them, because they are elderly and need to downsize, to prepare for a change in housing.  While I cannot relate totally to what my friend was saying, it kind of brought to my mind once again, that I need to begin addressing the issue of Gordon's personal items.

God told us we should not store up treasures on earth, but rather we should store up treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19).  This was what my friend told her relatives.

I understand where she is coming from, for I believe and trust God and His Word, the Bible.  However, I also understand what it is like to grieve and want to hold onto a piece of a loved one who has died.

Being a Realtor, I come across this with people, fairly regularly.  Like many people, we Christians are not immune to feeling loss and heartbreak.  We suffer pain and sorrow.  And, sometimes have trouble with ending relationships, by clearing out belongings of our loved ones.

When my Mom died, I went though this.  At the time, my sister was Executrix and had decided what she was keeping from my Mom's estate, then she gave both my brothers their choice of what they wanted.  When it came to me, she wouldn't allow me and my daughters to decide what we wanted.

Instead, she packed up the rest of my Mom's household and personal items.  If I wanted anything for my children or myself, I had to move everything from Mississauga, to Windsor.  At the time, I thought this was a rather cruel thing to do to me, while being an easy way for her to clear out my Mom's home and estate.

However, it turned out to be a blessing to me in disguise.  No, I won't go into why, here and now, because even though I did realize it was partly a blessing, it was also rather costly and time-consuming.  Not to mention heartbreaking going through all my Mom's things.

After my daughters decided what memorial keepsakes they wanted, is when I began to have a problem. 

It seemed that everything I looked at, had some kind of memory attached to it.  Parting with items became a trial where I felt like I was disposing of memories and not just stuff.

It took me a long time to be able to sort through everything and decide on what I would keep.  Then came the process of actually disposing of the rest.  Ha!  The fact is, I didn't for quite a while.

In fact, I found I couldn't part with Mom's things, because I knew they belonged to my parents and I felt like I was getting rid of part of them.  It felt like I was losing them all over again.

The reality was that I wasn't, but since when does reality always line up with what loss and heartbreak feels?

Eventually, a perfect opportunity happened.  Since we were still living in our waterfront home on Riverside Dr. E., and since an injured worker's group I was a member of wanted to host a yard sale at my home, I donated all my parents' items to the group.

No, I couldn't help with the sale and watch everything being sold or given away.  Instead, I made food and served all our volunteers, allowing me to stay in my home.

God blessed me then.  I know He blesses me, daily.  I am praying He will provide me an opportunity to do some good, somewhere, somehow, in a similarly rewarding way, with Gordon's things.  After all, to some people, Gordon's things may only be stuff, but to me, it's all a part of him.

What I need, is prayer.  If you wouldn't mind praying for me, I would be so grateful.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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