Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Satan Is Alive And Well...

Sunday was my Lord's day.

As per normal for my Sonday, I worshipped at my church.  Not normal for me, was the fact that I did not go visit Gordon's grave, at the cemetary.

Instead, I did some errands, and then went to visit my friend B.  And take her a birthday gift, for Tuesday is B's birthday.  I wasn't sure I could meet with her on Tuesday.  Since sooner is always better than later, Sunday seemed like a good day to get together.  Happy Birthday B! 

Afterwards, I headed over to my daughter P's home.  I enjoyed visiting with P and her family.  Well, at least two (2) of my three (3) grandsons, there! 

As I was leaving, I got to give my daughter B's son A a hug and kiss, as he was visiting with someone on P's street.  What a lovely surprise!

As I drove off the street, my heart felt so very full.  I truly felt blessed.  Thank You, Lord!

Only a few blocks away from P's home, is where I went, next.  That is where Bible Community Church is currently meeting.  Easter Sunday, in April, Pastor B's group will be meeting at a different location, not far away.

It was nice to see my (cemetary) friend J, there.  Like me, she has been helping as a launch team member.  J has also been helping with Children's Story Time.  You did a great job, J!

In the past, Pastor B has asked me to lead music.  Sunday, I did not.  Another person lead the music. 

Last month, I asked Pastor B to request another person to help with music.  Oh, it's not because I don't want to help out, for I do.  Rather, it is because when Pastor B moves the meeting place for the group, he will also be changing the time of the worship service.

Currently, there is no conflict.  Currently, I worship at my own church at 11:00 am.  Bible Community's worship service is at 4:00 pm.  No problem.

When Pastor B asked me to lead music even at the new location, he asked me to do so on Easter Sunday.  I agreed.  Then, I found out that the time of the service would be changed to 11:00 am.  The same as my own church.

Even so, I agreed to not worship at my own church on Easter Sunday, in an effort to launch the new location and service time, for a group we are praying will grow in number.

I realized that there would be a time conflict on a regular basis, so I prayed about the situation.  In good conscience, even though I truly would like to continue assisting with the church planting of Bible Community Church, I feel I cannot do so, at the expense of having to give up worshipping with my own church family.

The woman who led the music did a great job!  During the service, she sat behind me.  Until Sunday, I had never seen this woman, before.  That's okay!  I was grateful to see some new people, there!

During and after the service, she commented to me that she felt I should be leading the music, because she felt I had a beautiful voice. 

My goodness!  I was rather shocked to hear this!  Even more shocking, was when she requested Pastor B find someone else to lead music in the future, because she felt she wasn't suited to doing it.

Oh, Lord!  Be still my heart.

I truly feel badly for Pastor B, for it seems that satan is truly alive and well, doing what he does best.  Rob, kill and destroy.

Something more to pray about.  For me, and for you, if you are willing.  Thank you to those who will pray.  May God bless you, richly.

Until next time...

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