Monday, March 14, 2011

The Rock...

The beginning of this entry actually begins yesterday, so if you haven't yet read yesterday's entry, you may want to do so.

When we belong to God, we give all care and control to Him, for He is the author and finisher of our lives; He knows the end from the beginning. He wants the glory, shown Him, when we come to Him with all our problems.

In any case, I now realize that even though I thought I had dealt with each and every one of those life-changing circumstances, God has shown me that I have taken it back and not truly left it with Him.

Like many of you, my friends. I hear it regularly from people. How they have a hard time dealing with life's circumstances. We believers know we must give these things to Jesus, by taking them to the foot of the cross. The hard part is leaving them there.

Throughout my week, I had been thinking and praying about this very issue. Then, on Friday, March 11th, as I was driving in my vehicle, I listened by radio to part of Chuck Swindoll's message.  Here is a link, for you to be able to listen to what I heard:

Did Chuck speak about anything I didn't know, already?  No.  But, he addressed the very issue that had been on my mind, all week.

There are times when God wants to remind us of what we need to hear and allows the Holy Spirit to guide us.  I believe this is what happened that day; the Holy Spirit guided me to listen to the broadcast I needed to hear.  After all, He always seems to know my need, sometimes even before I do!

Hopefully, you listened to the message.  Hopefully, you got out of the message what I did.  I realized that even though I felt like I had given my life's problems and trials to God, by placing them at the feet of my Lord Jesus Christ, at the foot of the cross, I had failed to leave them there.

Just as Chuck suggested the issue of the rock, I realized that is what I need to do, either physically, or in my mind.  Somehow, I need to be able to unburden myself from this infernal pain I seem to carry with me.

We all need to unburden ourselves from issues that block us from being able to live up to our potential in Christ.  How can we focus and live for Christ, if we are constantly burdened with life issues?

I have no doubt that God has already provided for me.  That He will help me discover just how to release the pain and the issues that have burdened me, for so long.

Now, I just need to do what I can do, pray and wait upon Him.

Until next time...

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